Monday, April 15, 2013

A terrible day in Boston.

The USA has it's detractors and many around the world hate the foreign Policy played out on a daily basis, 'as seen on TV,' every night. This has probably been so since the Vietnam War and possibly earlier during the onset of the 'Cold War.' Prior to that, we lapped up everything 'American'  from Coca-Cola to the movies from Hollywood.
There is no doubt that the USA is becoming a target for 'groups opposed to American policy and if they can't 'take it to them on the battlefield, simply because 'they' lack the means then they are going to take it to the heart on the USA. Such groups and I am sure you can name a few, know that by disrupting the very 'soul' of American life; that is in the cities and towns of the USA, then real damage is done, not just in the numbers of the dead and injured but in the 'threat' that such actions as we have witnessed today pose to all citizens of the USA.
We are not yet sure about who was responsible; it could have even been 'fringe groups opposed to the 'Government;' something we have seen before. 'Home-grown' terrorism is and will continue to be a threat in the USA.
If fundamentalist Islamic groups have committed this crime, not just against USA citizens, but against many other nationalities present at this august marathon race, then they will have sickened far more than Americans alone.  What is totally certain is that the people of the USA and others will not be cowered into some sort of 'giving in to such actions. Nothing other than a more resolute USA will result from this. If anything, people will line up behind their Government to defeat such actions. No matter how you view the policies of the USA, internally or abroad, few would say that 'terrorist' actions, be they home-grown of from outside, will have the effect of changing such policies. History tells us that when 'stung' the USA rebounds with renewed vigour and a sense of righteousness, to fight any threat. Unfortunately that has not always served the USA well.
Finally, we should think of those who were killed or horribly injured. Our prayers should now be with them, the innocent victims, who are no different to the majority of 'us.'

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