Monday, April 15, 2013

Mission Estate Wineries--- the first hint of an excellent 2013 vintage!

I love the wines from Mission Estate Wineries. I remember a few visits to the beautiful estate, with it's top class eatery and the glorious grounds.  I was wondering how their harvesting was going for 2013, given the inclement weather they are about to face. I stumbled on a Facebook entry that said that all the grapes are picked. This enticed me into making inquiries (very inpatient of me, I know) about how this years vintage might 'pan out.' I received  a quick response that simply had my 'wine tasting buds 'on full alert. I shall be checking out the vintage as soon as I am able. That may well equate to being my first 'post-surgery' experience with the 'good stuff from bottles. It will however most definitely be a case of 'less is more.' Go Mission Estate Wineries!
Read the response to my inquiries:

Hi Neil, if you insist on early hints....the vintage promises vibrant, intense Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc,
juicy, ripe HB red wines, including velvety Cabernet Sauvignon, full and round Malbec, fruit driven Merlot.
The Gewurzt and Riesling are looking aromatically stunning. Clean and crisp. Can't wait!

How about that for a promising vintage?

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