Friday, May 16, 2014

Walking the dog, chicken pasta bake..(part one)---to be continued.

'Is this recipe one if your Freedom Cooking, examples?' you ask. Of course it is. It can be varied in a myriad of ways and in this case it is gluten-free, but I shall let you know how to do the non-gluten-free version.
'But In don't want to eat the walking the dog, one,' you say as you think of your pooch and all the love he gives you.  That's OK, just use your cat then. Here's how it works.
Go and buy a whole chicken you choose, but make sure it can fir in our slow cooker. You could of course just poach it gently for about an hour but remember it is a walking the dog recipe. Whish ever way you decide, put the chicken on the pot, chuck in some carrot, roughly chopped, and inion cut in quarters, leaving the skin on, a clove or two of garlic, unpeeled but smashed a bit, any left over goodies like a chopped capsicum, some dried herbs of your choice, a teaspoon of sugar, a little salt (leave it out if you wish to express your freedom) and this things that take your fancy.
Now, cover it all with boiling water from the kettle and turn the slow cooker on low, put the lid on and take your dig for a very long walk. I went to Orewa for about three hours. Have fun, like a 'big breakfast' that naturally you will share with your dog.
On arriving back home, feeling like you have contributed to your health by indulging in physical activity, turn the chicken over in the pot and turn it off. Leave it to cool a bit, before taking out. Next, pour the 'stock' into a big pot and boil to reduce by about one third. You now have the best chicken stock you have ever made. Once it's cooled completely, you could lift some of the fat, if you decide to make an even healthier version. I left it in.
Once the chicken is cool enough to handle, get your hands in and shred it into bite sized pieces, reserving the bits (not the bones!) for your pooch. You will have enough to make a massive 'chicken pasta bake,' and some left over to chuck in an omelette to any other recipe that can benefit from this juicy succulent and very tasty chicken.
Right, I have a client coming and after I have completed that appointment, it's ---yes you guessed it---I shall take Perdy down to the Bay, whereby she can create mischief (hopefully the sort that DOES NOT INVOLVE PUKEKOS!) with her hairy mates. I shall continue the walking the dog pasta bake, when I return. Such is the definition of Freedom Cooking; Do what you want, when you want with whatever you want! Lubricate with a good NZ wine. In my 'post-bariatric state, that means about one standard drink to make me chuckle.
TO BE CONTINUED-------------

Cell phones and driiving don't mix. Arrogant business owner or ignorant driver! Take your pick.

The New Zealand Herald   (Saturday version) published a picture of a young man driving, texting and smoking; all at the same time. He was one of many 'captured' in just an hour. NZ has a small fine for such endeavours, but it also has a significant number of injuries and deaths resulting form such practices.
The scene described is bad enough but the attitude of the young man's employer is deplorable. He was reported as saying that he too would do the same, because the fine was small, he didn't want to lose business and that 'hands-free' appliances echo, therefore of little use. He puts money ahead of safety. What right does he have to promulgate disobeying the law; one designed to protect the rest of us from people like him and his driver? How can he say that such practices are safe? His selfishness and those of his ilk are beyond belief but the sad fact is that such attitudes are common. It is time for the police to come down hard on these people, for the sake of us all. It is tantamount to driving drunk, because the result is so often tragically the same. Mr business owner---you need a brain transplant; preferably one with a conscience. Your attitude is not so very differently from those who used to sell so-called 'legal highs.' Will it take a massive public campaign to alter your thoughts and the government's response?