Friday, May 16, 2014

Cell phones and driiving don't mix. Arrogant business owner or ignorant driver! Take your pick.

The New Zealand Herald   (Saturday version) published a picture of a young man driving, texting and smoking; all at the same time. He was one of many 'captured' in just an hour. NZ has a small fine for such endeavours, but it also has a significant number of injuries and deaths resulting form such practices.
The scene described is bad enough but the attitude of the young man's employer is deplorable. He was reported as saying that he too would do the same, because the fine was small, he didn't want to lose business and that 'hands-free' appliances echo, therefore of little use. He puts money ahead of safety. What right does he have to promulgate disobeying the law; one designed to protect the rest of us from people like him and his driver? How can he say that such practices are safe? His selfishness and those of his ilk are beyond belief but the sad fact is that such attitudes are common. It is time for the police to come down hard on these people, for the sake of us all. It is tantamount to driving drunk, because the result is so often tragically the same. Mr business owner---you need a brain transplant; preferably one with a conscience. Your attitude is not so very differently from those who used to sell so-called 'legal highs.' Will it take a massive public campaign to alter your thoughts and the government's response?

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