Thursday, November 28, 2013

Just when you thought that my solar oven was going through an 'eclipse.'

I just can’t help it; thinking of new things to do with my solar oven. Yeah, I can hear where some of you will be telling me what to do with it and it isn’t exactly a ‘greenie,’ idea! You have read about cooking veggies, drying herbs and fruit and even drying my sports shoes in it. The best so far had been my very successful ‘cakes,’ masquerading as brownies. They were over-the-top yummy. What next, you say.
The other day I was picking my dewberries and I had rather too many of them. I made a jelly/jam and it was only after I had done that that I thought of using the solar oven. ‘Next time,’ I said, loud enough for the neighbours to hear.
OK, here’s my plan. I don’t have enough of the dewberries left, so I will keep them for desserts.  But what I do see very day as I drive home from work is the strawberry place selling 3 for $5; that’s pummets of course! Then I thought, why not try making the jam in the solar oven. To make things even more interesting, perhaps I should cut out the sugar and use Stevia and set the mix with agar, making a jelly more than a jam. Of course, that probably means that it won’t have such a long shelf life and should be kept in the fridge or in freezer. I could use freezer bags and bring the jam/jelly out when needed.
 I shall try this out on Sunday, if the weather is good. Now that I can get the oven up to and over 100C, there will not be any ‘safety issues.
Look out for my report, along with pictures and for my next weird book publicity idea. I shall combine my older versions of ‘COASTAL YARNS,’ ‘ROSKILL’ ‘AND TALK TO ME’ give them away as long as people pay the postage and buy a bottle of  jam. What a hoot.
I shall keep you posted. Don’t forget, my capacity to write blogs is limited to my smart phone and a few times during the day on another computer. Hopefully I shall pick up the brand new one tonight. I shall keep Perdy and that new device very much apart.