Saturday, December 1, 2012

David Shearer is making an impression

Has the momentum started to move David's way? The latest poll is encouraging. If Labour wants to Govern, they better put aside the crap they have shown us lately and move on and up!

Testing medicines and cosmetics on animals is bad enough but--

To test synthetic cannabis on animals is totally abhorrent. I find it hard enough to accept the practice of testing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics on animals, but now we are told that testing on animals will be occurring for the synthetic cannabis products that the Government has recently made far more difficult for manufacturers of this harmful product.
How dare we use ‘any’ animals, no matter how ‘low’ they are perceived to be on the hierarchy, if such a list can be made. It is evil, selfish and all in the name of a high for a human who lacks the means of filling in their day without their ‘hit.’
I have never advocated breaking a law but this is the nearest I have felt about making that decision. If any shop sells these products, knowing that they hurt humans and now animals, then the best way to stop the practice is a few bricks through the windows of the said premises. Let them know first that this will happen and then---well---I think I am in trouble!
That is how angry I am! It is hard enough to work with young people who are ‘experimenting’ with these products; putting their lives and their education at risk, but now we have the possibility of innocent animals involved in the chain of money-making and useless dangerous products.
Join me and get angry!

Beware, the possible shape of the future in NZ!

IS THIS THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME IN NZ? It is an example of a plea from quite a rich school in Michigan and I believe it is the vision National shares with Act. Beware NZ. I thank my friends in the USA for sending me this salutory message.


Important Meetings on the Future of Public Education

Posted: November 20, 2012

Our community schools are at risk and the next three weeks may determine their viability for the future. I ask that you attend a very critical meeting about preserving our system of public education.
We see state and federal policies on education eroding the local control of our schools. We see the privatization and corporatization of public education without any benefit in terms of improved student learning. While reduced funding for our children’s education is stretched further and further we see public tax dollars profiting Wall Street.
Michigan is embarking on a very radical experiment with our children - one that is untested and untried. We need to come together to learn about this movement and what we can do about it. We are inviting parents, school employees, and concerned citizens to join us for a briefing on the issues that are in front of the legislature right now - issues legislators are trying to pass before their “lame duck” session ends in December. We will have Dr. Vickie Markavitch, Superintendent of Oakland Schools, with us for these meetings.
Thank you for your continued support of public education for all students and the fine community schools you have helped to build. It is our system of community schools that has built this nation. We know there is room for improvement, but we are certain that this country cannot flourish without a free and appropriate education for all children.

John Tamahere on the way back---get ready to be offended!

If you feel a little bit sensitive about Gays, Unions and PC issues been served a hit from time to time, you better get over it if you want the Labour party to appear united. The comeback of John Tamahere is a fact and he is not going to shut up and play the good boy. He also represents a large portion of the electorate; that of the silent majority, who don’t usually speak up. John is going to do that for them and in the process piss off a few people. I would possibly be one of them, but the policies he is starting to espouse are more important than any ‘slight’ I may take. I say, go for it John.
Is it not more important to take back control of NZ banks and make housing affordable for more New Zealanders, just to mention two policies? Maybe he can put in perspective the real issues that affect most New Zealanders. The Labour Party has been ripped apart by sectional arguments. It has always been so and even when in power, those divisions bring about the fall or leaving of good leaders.
NZ is not alone ion this fact of political life, especially in the ‘left of centre’ movements.  I see the only divergence to this fact as some of the parties in Scandinavia, where left leaning parties have become an institution and even when they lose power, the policies they have put in place have remained relatively untouched.
I don’t know if John is leadership material; he may piss off a few heads of government, but he is most certainly needed, even if it makes the rest of the party behave and keep a focus on the real needs of New Zealanders.
Go for it, John.

POST SCRIPT---- I see john is already in trouble with David Shearer. It seems that John's 'talk back radio' comments may be a bit too much for David. Calling Paula Bennit fat and a reporter stupid is not acceptable language. Hell, I'm gladd I am not in the party or causcus. I wouldn;y last a minute. Sorry David, we need someone like John. Hell, John's against Gay marriage, but i odn;t take offence at that. Why do we all have to agree to remain in the party. It's how we dissgree that really matters.

NZer fighitng in Syria--wise?

We hear today that a NZer is fighting in Syria against the forces of the President. I am in two minds about this. Yes, he has the right as a NZer to take this stance, but I wonder at his thinking. Does Chen really think that the ‘opposition’ is going to be any better if it is able to hold itself together and form a government of national ‘disunity?’
I have real doubts about the ‘so-called freedom fighter’ in the Arab Spring movement. I suspect that it is a front by which Islamic parties join in order to create Sharia Law type states. Once the fighting is over and they achieved victory, it seems that their true colours emerge. We see that in Egypt as Morsi takes control and pushes through basically what is a fundamentalist agenda.
Watch as he erodes the rights of people to live under a more humane law, where freedom of expression is tantamount and real opposition is tolerated. Today we see the masses supporting the new constitution as it brings in the first round of Sharia Law. Perhaps, a year or two down the track, many of those filling the iconic square will change their minds as their sons and daughters are dragged through the Sharia courts, merely for wearing the wrong clothing or expressing their views in a public manner.
I see the same result in Syria as the fight nears a conclusion. Assad will fall to be replaced by a mish mash of groups, all vying for control. Watch as the ‘Brotherhood’ manoeuvres its way to the top. Then, the retribution will become apparent as those opposing them start to disappear.
Don’t expect a Western style democracy to emerge. That is not a natural force in the Middle-East and we must not forget that it took an eventful and painful 1000 years to come to fruition in the West.
 In the meantime, watch and hope that the process is faster and less painful in the birthplace of the ‘three religions.’ I have serious doubts about that happening. I guess we have seen famous artists in times gone by, who have joined revolutionary movements, only to end up disillusioned as the real side of the leaders of those history making events show their real colours!

The mighty All Blacks fall to a better team---on the day!

New Zealanders are sports mad and they take great pride in the All Blacks, the winners or the 2011 World Rugby Cup. No doubt the airwaves will be full of moaning contributors who will have taken the loss badly. Perhaps it is timely that the English victory took place. We need reminding that there is only one way to go when you reach the top. Sitting there for so long is an incredibly difficult balancing act.
Good on you England. You came out with sprit and blasted the All Blacks off the field and you did it with a combination of cleverness and physical progress.
To New Zealanders, it is a chance to put things in perspective, so when you wake up, think of other issues for a change that are making this world a place that needs compassion and understanding. Sure, love our sport and be proud of success on the sporting field, but please get a sense that not everything revolves around the fortunes of our iconic team.
OH yes, they will be back and I feel a bit sorry for the team that next fasces the might All Blacks.
Well done my English friends and I shall face you in the staff room with love, humility and—‘watch out mate’---we’ll be back!