Saturday, December 1, 2012

The mighty All Blacks fall to a better team---on the day!

New Zealanders are sports mad and they take great pride in the All Blacks, the winners or the 2011 World Rugby Cup. No doubt the airwaves will be full of moaning contributors who will have taken the loss badly. Perhaps it is timely that the English victory took place. We need reminding that there is only one way to go when you reach the top. Sitting there for so long is an incredibly difficult balancing act.
Good on you England. You came out with sprit and blasted the All Blacks off the field and you did it with a combination of cleverness and physical progress.
To New Zealanders, it is a chance to put things in perspective, so when you wake up, think of other issues for a change that are making this world a place that needs compassion and understanding. Sure, love our sport and be proud of success on the sporting field, but please get a sense that not everything revolves around the fortunes of our iconic team.
OH yes, they will be back and I feel a bit sorry for the team that next fasces the might All Blacks.
Well done my English friends and I shall face you in the staff room with love, humility and—‘watch out mate’---we’ll be back!

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