Saturday, December 1, 2012

John Tamahere on the way back---get ready to be offended!

If you feel a little bit sensitive about Gays, Unions and PC issues been served a hit from time to time, you better get over it if you want the Labour party to appear united. The comeback of John Tamahere is a fact and he is not going to shut up and play the good boy. He also represents a large portion of the electorate; that of the silent majority, who don’t usually speak up. John is going to do that for them and in the process piss off a few people. I would possibly be one of them, but the policies he is starting to espouse are more important than any ‘slight’ I may take. I say, go for it John.
Is it not more important to take back control of NZ banks and make housing affordable for more New Zealanders, just to mention two policies? Maybe he can put in perspective the real issues that affect most New Zealanders. The Labour Party has been ripped apart by sectional arguments. It has always been so and even when in power, those divisions bring about the fall or leaving of good leaders.
NZ is not alone ion this fact of political life, especially in the ‘left of centre’ movements.  I see the only divergence to this fact as some of the parties in Scandinavia, where left leaning parties have become an institution and even when they lose power, the policies they have put in place have remained relatively untouched.
I don’t know if John is leadership material; he may piss off a few heads of government, but he is most certainly needed, even if it makes the rest of the party behave and keep a focus on the real needs of New Zealanders.
Go for it, John.

POST SCRIPT---- I see john is already in trouble with David Shearer. It seems that John's 'talk back radio' comments may be a bit too much for David. Calling Paula Bennit fat and a reporter stupid is not acceptable language. Hell, I'm gladd I am not in the party or causcus. I wouldn;y last a minute. Sorry David, we need someone like John. Hell, John's against Gay marriage, but i odn;t take offence at that. Why do we all have to agree to remain in the party. It's how we dissgree that really matters.

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