Saturday, December 1, 2012

Testing medicines and cosmetics on animals is bad enough but--

To test synthetic cannabis on animals is totally abhorrent. I find it hard enough to accept the practice of testing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics on animals, but now we are told that testing on animals will be occurring for the synthetic cannabis products that the Government has recently made far more difficult for manufacturers of this harmful product.
How dare we use ‘any’ animals, no matter how ‘low’ they are perceived to be on the hierarchy, if such a list can be made. It is evil, selfish and all in the name of a high for a human who lacks the means of filling in their day without their ‘hit.’
I have never advocated breaking a law but this is the nearest I have felt about making that decision. If any shop sells these products, knowing that they hurt humans and now animals, then the best way to stop the practice is a few bricks through the windows of the said premises. Let them know first that this will happen and then---well---I think I am in trouble!
That is how angry I am! It is hard enough to work with young people who are ‘experimenting’ with these products; putting their lives and their education at risk, but now we have the possibility of innocent animals involved in the chain of money-making and useless dangerous products.
Join me and get angry!

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