Saturday, December 1, 2012

NZer fighitng in Syria--wise?

We hear today that a NZer is fighting in Syria against the forces of the President. I am in two minds about this. Yes, he has the right as a NZer to take this stance, but I wonder at his thinking. Does Chen really think that the ‘opposition’ is going to be any better if it is able to hold itself together and form a government of national ‘disunity?’
I have real doubts about the ‘so-called freedom fighter’ in the Arab Spring movement. I suspect that it is a front by which Islamic parties join in order to create Sharia Law type states. Once the fighting is over and they achieved victory, it seems that their true colours emerge. We see that in Egypt as Morsi takes control and pushes through basically what is a fundamentalist agenda.
Watch as he erodes the rights of people to live under a more humane law, where freedom of expression is tantamount and real opposition is tolerated. Today we see the masses supporting the new constitution as it brings in the first round of Sharia Law. Perhaps, a year or two down the track, many of those filling the iconic square will change their minds as their sons and daughters are dragged through the Sharia courts, merely for wearing the wrong clothing or expressing their views in a public manner.
I see the same result in Syria as the fight nears a conclusion. Assad will fall to be replaced by a mish mash of groups, all vying for control. Watch as the ‘Brotherhood’ manoeuvres its way to the top. Then, the retribution will become apparent as those opposing them start to disappear.
Don’t expect a Western style democracy to emerge. That is not a natural force in the Middle-East and we must not forget that it took an eventful and painful 1000 years to come to fruition in the West.
 In the meantime, watch and hope that the process is faster and less painful in the birthplace of the ‘three religions.’ I have serious doubts about that happening. I guess we have seen famous artists in times gone by, who have joined revolutionary movements, only to end up disillusioned as the real side of the leaders of those history making events show their real colours!

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