Friday, April 4, 2014

UK readership really hitting new highs. Is that just you Katrina--or newbies?

I am happy to see the readership[ of my blogs hitting new highs. At this rate they will be surpassing the ones in  Russia, but I have always suspected that it is Russian women (or men?) hitting my blog---you know what I'm saying--hopefuls that they have found a rich guy. Well, they are shit out of luck unless they convince their countrymen and women to download my book in the thousands! One can only hope, but of course that can't happen until the books go live on my site again---that is very close. The hard-copy version of Roskill goes to the printer on Monday so---all good. Whatever the reason, keep reading my blogs Russia. Oh hell,,,,,,, I'm rambling! lol Well, Katrina, keep up the good work you are obviously doing in then 'motherland.'----No---UK motherland---not Russia, unless the Russians have their eyes well away from Ukraine, that is. We did have a Russian invasion fear in the early 20th century of course! Happy to see readers, in Russia and the UK---but forget about being--'a sexy Russian lady with much love!' It don't work for me, eh! lol