Friday, November 27, 2015

Ukraine is now the biggest hitter on my blogs, this month!

Thanks again, Ukraine. You are now easily the biggest fan fro my blog, this month, ahead of the USA and New Zealand. If only that equated to downloads for my book, Roskill. Maybe you are spreading my blog and FB page in Ukraine and Europe in general. If you are, maybe I better come to Kiev to thank you in the future. I better start researching Ukrainian food and wine! Just need about 30,000 downloads of Roskill to achieve that!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Trump and Key ----what have they got in common?

Hey---- let's have some fun. Both have a theme going on around 'hair. One pulls it, the other---well I shall leave that one to you too; after all, this is an 'interactive' blog. Both are buffoons----think of the stupid, insensitive, downright wrong pieces of rubbish that emanate from their mouths. Now focus in how they attract a large number of voters to their 'causes,' but try not to get bogged down in the silliness, the patronizing manner, the lies, the deviousness of their 'policies, the 'made up on the hoof,' appearance of much of what they say. Then---there are the differences-----one has held power for more than six years, the other wants to! One leads a country that continues to believe the lies, while the other is possibly about to. It's not too late for the former and one would hope that NZ has learned. If not---then I guess Hawaii will not be rolling out the 'YOU ARE HOME,' mat anytime soon---that is, for Key. Maybe Trump will be booking a ticket to assuage his frazzled nerves, if the USA comes to its senses. Wouldn't ya just love to be a fly on the wall----oops----on a palm branch, if the two met at a golf club in Hawaii---with Obama coming up the final leg! This is just a short blog, because the composing of the details just completed, took a great deal of effort to somehow think of the two 'leaders' at the same time.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ukraine---thanks again!

It seems that Ukraine is now in the top ten for hits on my blogs. that has happened really fast. I do not know if it just a few readers, reading many of my blogs, or new ones. Either way---that's cool. Now I make a plea for those loyal readers to spread my website, to help me get some sales in Ukraine. Go for it. I shall be most grateful. Please share my site and ROSKILL over and over again. Don't forget to download Roskill---it is much cheaper than buying the hard copy.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

New Zealand Health system works---for the most part.

One often hears people decrying the NZ Health system, complaining about long delays for 'non-urgent,' but chronic conditions. This is a very real issue for those who are needing procedures that are covered by the free state system, but having very long waiting lists, hence the increasing number of people buying into the 'health insurance support system. For many, the latter is just not possible and as you age, the less likely you are able to afford it. I dropped mine three years ago. There is a widening gap between those who have insurance and those who don't and end up waiting for quite some time for a number, perhaps an increasing number of medical interventions. It comes down to how much a Government is prepared to invest in a Free Public health system; that requires higher taxation, always a vexing issue for a political party, that clamours to gain the votes of people who continually ask for lower taxes. You can't have it both ways, folks---either pay the taxes, or take the money from other competing government services , or watch the system deliver less and less. The past few days firmly places me in the camp that supports taxation to deliver to the widest range of the population and for as many procedures as possible. The support I received from the public health system, was efficient, caring and will continue. I feel comfortable knowing that everyone in New Zealand can avail of such support when things go wrong re a wide range of medical issues, but I am very aware that there is a tendency for Governments to play to that part of the 'electorate' that 'can afford' alternative arrangements. That 'movement' is apparent in other areas of our lives, namely---education. I believe in a system that is supported by taxation, one that delivers to all sectors of society. Take that away and we enter a space that is 'UN-New Zealand. Now take a look or listen to the words of aspiring politicians and then decide how you want NZ to be.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paris, Yemen and so many other places where ISIS hits.

It seems that there is about to be an alliance between very uncomfortably matched allies, re the war against ISIS. History has presented such alliances in the past; take the war against the Nazis. Very soon after the 'successful' completion of the demise of the common enemy, things go to custard, indeed sometimes before the culmination of hostilities. Now we are witnessing the coming together of a large number of participants against the 'scourge' that is ISIS. Yes, I have seen all the posts and reports claiming that it us the USA and Israel who have funded or caused the rise of this group. I watch the 'box' where sometimes it seems like it is 24/7 coverage of the latest 'outrage' inflicted upon the 'peaceful' people of Europe and the fleeting coverage that is assigned to other ISIS targets. It feels like one cannot escape the coverage, if you surf the news channels. I cannot help but think that there is a ratings issue going on here! But---lets take a look at the attempts to 'destroy ISIS. If it came down to a 'battle' in the sense that most of us understand, this desperate group wield not stand a chance. Who was it that said that 'you can kill a person, but not an idea?' Now take that idea and link it to the situation that exists in many Middle Eastern countries, brought about by a complex mix of historical events and economics. OMG---One sentence to explain the rise of ISIS?! Add in the fact that ISIS is able to communicate with a group of individuals, using extremist religious dogma and the unrealized aspirations of this group, then you have the makings of a group who can be recruited via the web. It is not possible to bomb the hell out of this complex web of 'anger.' You cut off the head of one (excuse the terrible pun!) and it is replaced by many others. The events we are seeing in Paris and other cities is the result of past failed 'interventions' by Western and other powers and it is doomed to failure unless the underlying causes are first acknowledged and then addressed. Sadly, any real attempts to do this are blocked by those who benefit most---yes---the 'good old' 1% who have and always have gained from war! They control the media, political structures and the agenda that sucks us in. THEY have options--they always have! We have the capacity to believe them, or to question them, but it is an uphill battle. Watch now as the political 'RIGHT' rises and attempts to change the face of Europe. They will not learn from history; they will merely redefine it!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ukraine---what's up!

Are you reading ROSKILL in Ukraine? It certainly looks like you are reading my blog. Funny how that happens---in spurts. It is the same for other countries. No blog hits for weeks then all of a sudden---heaps of them. Long may that continue. Don't forget to download Roskill. Follow the leads!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Peter Dunne and the blog that shows us he cares! Really?

Peter Dunne stands up for Kiwis. Yes, Peter has come out swinging in the fight to get some balance on this vexing issue: you know the one---where Kiwis are being arrested in the dead of night in Aussie and for spurious reasons, like some minor if any indiscretion committed many years ago. In fact the Australian Government has refused to say why these arrests have occurred for most of them. PM Key on the other hand is content to label these people as 'rapists and various other nasty names, not once but on several occasions. That Peter Dunne has come out so forcefully is somewhat confusing , given his stance on other issues that affect even more people. Maybe he is doing it because he really cares: who knows, but one could take the more cynical view that he has chosen this issue because he sees some 'political gain' by doing so. Well, he does not 'own' that particular trait, to be fair. Maybe he sees that the ship has sprung a leak and he is catching a lifeboat, in order to prolong what is becoming an obvious dead-end journey for him. OK---lets give him a little credit, but back it up, Peter and support some of the Private Members Bills, like the solar energy one that you could have swung on the day----BUT YOU DIDN"T. Like so many of your other stances---you took the line that suited your survival! OK---we are watching. BUT---lets give Peter the last word.-----"We have a right to expect our foreign policy to be evocative of our independence and nationhood by upholding human rights and dignity, and to stand up for New Zealanders when and where necessary. It is time to abandon the chin-dripping subservience we are lapsing into."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Australia--you have got it wrong and PM Key has let it happen,

'Decorated soldier Ko Rutene detained in high security Australian prison despite committing no crime 8:18 AM Wednesday Nov 11, 2015' Australia no doubt has an issue with 'boat people,' refugees and possibly some undesirable immigrants who have no wish to embrace the 'great Aussie lifestyle.' I am not questioning their right to manage who enters their country, but the actions of late, whereby a large number of people are being sent to offshore detention centres where conditions are not good and the said facilities, managed by a very questionable firm (SIRCO) are hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. New Zealand citizens have been caught up in this wide-sweeping approach, with little sensitivity to what has been a very close relationship between the two ANZAC nations taken into account. That the ex serviceman, Ko Rutene, can be treated in this manner defies any semblance of fairness or acknowledgment of our 'special relationship.' I have no issue with Australia sending to the country of origin non residents, or New Zealand citizens who have transgressed the law in a serious manner; ones that have more than a year of prison, for instance, but we are hearing of NZ citizens who have lived in Australia for many years, committing low level indiscretions, been taken in the dead of night into these facilities. Sure they say that there is an appeal process but for these low-Level indiscretions, surely there os no need for such heavy handed processes, where families are split and the 'prisoners' having to mix with hardened and desperate 'companions. Now take the lack of real action on the part on NZ's Government and the problem is compounded. NZ is being treated as very much a 'junior partner' in this, in a nasty and bullying way. PM Key simply reacts in a very unbecoming manner in our Parliament and refuses to respond in a meaningful way that delivers the message as it should be; forcefully and that NZ too can put this century old relationship to the test. Yes---that is what KEY NEEDS TO DO. How else will the Aussies get the message, that our ANZAC spirit is something to be treasured, not trifled with, or ignored when it suits. I say, we respond in kind. Send back Aussies, cancel the benefits that Aussies assume as a right when they come here. It is time to look at the relationship, with the intent to restore 'equality.' Restore the spirit! Australia---you have got it wrong and My Key---front up!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's that time of the year again---Guy Fawkes!

There are some traditions that we follow in New Zealand that throw back to the old days. One of these is the doubtful celebration of an old English festival whereby we celebrate the failure of a person dissatisfied with Parliament, to attempt to blow it up. His consequent death and burning are celebrated; well not really---people just use it as an excuse to light fires and set off fireworks. To carry on this custom in NZ is at best fraudulent and at its worse---completely nonsensical and dangerous. I will no doubt be accused of being a 'killjoy' or a member of the fun police, but since when has been caring about the plight of animals, property and yes---people, been a quality that attracts criticism? For years fire departments have had torrid times because people do stupid things; setting fire to buildings, forests and grassy areas, injuring one another, yet year after year, various Governments refuse to act, putting the issue on the back-burner rather than make the call. There is only one solution---that is to allow 'public' displays under controlled conditions; these to apply for all celebrations involving any use fireworks. Gone are the days when we all had large sections that allowed for a few crackers, but with the advent of a far more dense urban environment, it just doesn't make sense. OH--those of you in country areas, feel you can be exempt, but think of your animals! They are your 'investment.' Why would you risk putting that at risk? It is time to act and consign this irrelevant festival to history.