Thursday, November 12, 2015

Peter Dunne and the blog that shows us he cares! Really?

Peter Dunne stands up for Kiwis. Yes, Peter has come out swinging in the fight to get some balance on this vexing issue: you know the one---where Kiwis are being arrested in the dead of night in Aussie and for spurious reasons, like some minor if any indiscretion committed many years ago. In fact the Australian Government has refused to say why these arrests have occurred for most of them. PM Key on the other hand is content to label these people as 'rapists and various other nasty names, not once but on several occasions. That Peter Dunne has come out so forcefully is somewhat confusing , given his stance on other issues that affect even more people. Maybe he is doing it because he really cares: who knows, but one could take the more cynical view that he has chosen this issue because he sees some 'political gain' by doing so. Well, he does not 'own' that particular trait, to be fair. Maybe he sees that the ship has sprung a leak and he is catching a lifeboat, in order to prolong what is becoming an obvious dead-end journey for him. OK---lets give him a little credit, but back it up, Peter and support some of the Private Members Bills, like the solar energy one that you could have swung on the day----BUT YOU DIDN"T. Like so many of your other stances---you took the line that suited your survival! OK---we are watching. BUT---lets give Peter the last word.-----"We have a right to expect our foreign policy to be evocative of our independence and nationhood by upholding human rights and dignity, and to stand up for New Zealanders when and where necessary. It is time to abandon the chin-dripping subservience we are lapsing into."

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