Thursday, December 30, 2010


Its the last day of 2010 . What does that mean?  Are you going to make a new  year's resolution--- you know the ones that we sometimes make and hardly ever stick to. I'm not because if anyone ever reads this, I don't want to be held to account. Anyway its fun doing all the things that come under the heading, 'shouldnt'.  Who the heck wants to follow the whims and wants of others. Its not that I'm selfish--- its just that a life time of doing just that, hasn't exactly made things easier or happier. So I'm going to march to my own drum in more ways than one next year.

Oops--- does that represent a  new year's resolution? Well in that case, maybe I wont and maybe I will. I feel like gliding a bit more and just see what comes. Of course that doesn't mean that I wont try a few new directions.  I know for sure that I am going to push my writing more than ever, having come to that position and actually launched my book--- I feel that 2011 is a year of opportunity.

So I wish all of you (when you ever get to read this a happy new year. I don't pretend to offer advice other that if you feel like doing something and its not going to hurt anyone, then go and do it.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Wow--- twice in one day?  What's going on? Well, for starters---- I'm on holiday. I have been playing around with my blog and trying to make it more interesting. Hopefully you will see the improvements as I go along. I may even become courageous enough to put my picture on soon. Then there are all the other additions that I can add.

Another theme of mine is food. Maybe that's why I haven't put my picture on yet---- it will tell a tale or two on its own. Look out for some of my favourite recipes. I love experimenting with recipes. My partner always laughs because I don't follow recipes. OK, the first time I see a recipe, I sort of follow it, but if  I haven't carefully purchased all of the ingredients, I am one of those people who refuse to take another trip to the shops to stay true to the original recipe. Damn it--- I say--- IMPROVISE. That's what our brains are for. If  the recipe says pineapple for a sweet and sour--- what the hell-- just chuck in another fruit--- apple for example. I have had some magnificent results by doing just that. I have to admit that such a course of action can result in less satisfying outcomes too. Here's one.

I remember many years ago I had a dinner party. I started off with the idea of cooking a casserole. That's the way it started, but I kept adding things. After browning the onions, beef and adding vegetables, I decided that the colour was a little unappealing. I also thought it was all a bit bland. My brain screamed at me to add 'things'. I did. Twenty minutes before I served it, I tested again for taste and colour. Well--- it was a grey mass of indiscriminate gunge. Luckily for me, many of my guests had partaken generously in the nibbles. You know the ones--- cheese, crackers and dips. In those days I couldn't afford olives and delectable sun-dried tomatoes in virgin olive oil, or smoked Salmon on hand crafted bread. The guests had also hit the wine nicely. Of course it was cask wine  then, not the  beautiful  New Zealand Chardonnays and Pinot |Noirs of this century.

I served the casserole on a bed of rice (cooked in the microwave). My friends were very polite and only the more drunken ones actually continued to eat the grey yucky porridge-like mess. One guy was so enthusiastic, or extra drunk that he even took home a generous amount  in a plastic container. I never did hear as to whether he ate it when he awoke from his hangover.
Oh well-- --- we live and learn. I will describe some of my more successful gastronomical experiences on future blogs


 Another day-- No hits yet. OMG I'm sounding,like the chick in Julia and Julia. Mm I suppose the PC brigade wont like me calling her a chick--Lol.  I'm way past giving a damn about that.

I'm off to the Kapiti Coast next week. That's where the short story thing started. I'm going to the same bach where I started to write CONNECTED  in COASTAL YARNS. I wont be writing short stories this time. I need to get on with checking my first draft of ROSKILL. Its a completely different style and  genre, ROSKILL is about a family moving from Christchurch to Auckland because the father has been made redundant. I started this way before the sad earthquake hit. It is about the struggles the family has with 'P'and how it impacts on them.

I have drawn on my experience as a counsellor in a large school. Whilst it isn't about any particular people I know, it is an example of what happens in  many families when either drugs or alcohol get thrown into the mix. Its hard enough for families to operate without the extra pressure of D and A. The story is on the extreme edge, but there is a truthfulness about it that will strike a chord with many readers. Hopefully you will be able to go to my website and see when it is due for publication.

Don't you hate it when you are about to go on holiday and have to pay to get the car fixed. I noticed a rubbery/oily smell the other day so I had it checked today. It seems I have to get some belts and seals replaced. Oh well--- it's better to spend $400 now and prevent something nasty happening on the trip to the coast eh. I will try and keep a daily post when |I am down there. If I have any stories, I may have to break  with my idea of 'not writing' anything new and just go for it. Maybe it will be a way of tyring out my stories on you before I publish again.

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