Monday, July 4, 2016

On the Coast they don't spell 'Walkies' the same way---it is------

I know---I make heaps of typos when I 'massage' the keyboards here---and I do not see them until much later. 'Take your time,' you say. Nope---that's not how I write; I need to get it down, the words flowing more naturally that way, the ideas flitting around in my brain, then disappearing---receding into some dark recess, never to surface, except in my dreams. Some would say, I have entered a permanent dreamworld down here on the Coast! But---there is a word that is constantly used in this house---'barked' rather than spoken, except by me. The 'barkee,' is a four legged dominating little bundle of hair. So---when I say, walkies or she orders that time of the day, which can be up to three times, on a good doggie day, then one must jump to it. However, Perdy does not have it all her own way---yes, we walk and then--STOP. Walkies becomes---TALKIES, and the word transitions into yet more long conversations between myself and whoever it is that is similarly disposed to passing the time of day, expressing opinions, receiving good advice---or questionable suggestions---it's all the same to Perdy---it is an interruption of her 'time!' I must say, she has adapted to the many occasions, whereby I stop, meet, greet and opine my way through the day. I guess she has come to accept the new meaning of 'walkies,' only occasionally showing her displeasure when it really does go on for too long! I think Perdy has become a true 'Coaster,' too!!!!