Saturday, December 14, 2013

Great--Bennett and Rankin to fight it out at the next election.

The sight of Christine Rankin fighting it out with Paula Bennett at the next election is just what we want to see; even if it is just pure entertainment. I bet the Labour Party is happy as they see themselves sneaking through the middle and taking the seat. Oops, I shouldn't put such ideas out there; someone may take them seriously.
Two high profile 'mums,' slinging everything they have at each other, positioning themselves as 'the saviours of the nation,' trying to appeal to basically the same 'voters.' It may well be a question of 'who can bash the beneficiaries best,' or who has the biggest---ear rings. Either way, it is not going to be boring, irrespective of what is actually 'good' for New Zealand. I don't particularly know what they do to attract the centre right vote and with their respective 'bosses;' the leering face of Key and the sanctimonious and ignorant spectre of Craig will be enough to make many cast their eyes elsewhere. That is where Labour could surprise. I don't know who their candidate is. Hell, they should chuck Tamahere in to the mix. That would really set it up for a an entertaining fight on the election trail. If the Greens came to an arrangement with Labour (which they wouldn't) things could get really hot!
So, sit back folks and enjoy the sitcom!

Referendum results for asset sales--read into them what you will.

Take a good long look at the figures below. John Key may put his 'spin' on them but it is not hard to see some interesting 'standouts.' Only a very few hard core national areas gave the Government the figures they wanted and no one would be surprised at that. The turn-out figures are also interesting. In some obviously National electorates the 'Yes' vote was low. I find it hard to believe anything in the way of interpretation coming from John Key's mouth. We all know that the National Government is not going to 'listen,' so we will just have to give them the real message next year at the election. By that time JK will be safely ensconced in his holiday home in Hawaii. The no doubt the new Government will buy back the assets when the share price hits rock bottom. Sound familiar?

Preliminary Result by Electorate for the Citizens Initiated Referendum

2013 on the question
"Do you support the Government selling up to 49% of Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power,
Genesis Power, Solid Energy and Air New Zealand"
13 December 2013
Preliminary Results in Excel Format
Preliminary Results in PDF Format

ElectorateNo. of Electors on the RollTotal Votes Received% TurnoutValid VotesInvalid Votes
Total Valid Votes Received For the Response Yes For the Response No Informal Votes
01 - Auckland Central43,66618,39342.1%18,3655,91532.2%12,40667.6%440.2%28
02 - Bay of Plenty47,94622,77947.5%22,7699,72042.7%12,95356.9%960.4%10
03 - Botany43,80015,55635.5%15,5466,93944.6%8,56355.1%440.3%10
04 - Christchurch Central36,80215,32841.7%15,3164,49829.4%10,76370.3%550.4%12
05 - Christchurch East33,50614,33142.8%14,3183,42924.0%10,86275.9%270.2%13
06 - Clutha-Southland42,70719,73546.2%19,7317,53938.2%12,15261.6%400.2%4
07 - Coromandel45,54423,76752.2%23,7548,50535.8%15,18963.9%600.3%13
08 - Dunedin North39,76319,40648.8%19,3883,79319.6%15,55380.2%420.2%18
09 - Dunedin South45,64724,45353.6%24,4465,70623.3%18,69176.5%490.2%7
10 - East Coast40,30018,62546.2%18,6136,28633.8%12,25565.8%720.4%12
11 - East Coast Bays47,18918,83339.9%18,8248,35644.4%10,40555.3%630.3%9
12 - Epsom47,47919,70941.5%19,69710,76354.6%8,86645.0%680.4%12
13 - Hamilton East45,41419,18842.3%19,1796,84935.7%12,27364.0%570.3%9
14 - Hamilton West44,03117,77840.4%17,7595,35430.2%12,34769.5%580.3%19
15 - Helensville48,11719,49040.5%19,4839,29147.7%10,13352.0%590.3%7
16 - Hunua48,84620,22341.4%20,2158,82543.7%11,33456.1%560.3%8
17 - Hutt South42,45519,69746.4%19,6835,54228.2%14,07871.5%630.3%14
18 - Ilam43,99120,05645.6%20,0458,44142.1%11,54657.6%580.3%11
19 - Invercargill44,61220,72046.4%20,7115,41626.2%15,23573.6%600.3%9
20 - Kaikōura44,96622,09949.2%22,0887,80535.3%14,20964.3%740.3%11
21 - Mana44,16520,07845.5%20,0605,82429.0%14,17170.6%650.3%18
22 - Māngere39,66211,65129.4%11,6431,63414.0%9,95385.5%560.5%8
23 - Manukau East41,35312,29729.7%12,2832,20417.9%10,02581.6%540.4%14
24 - Manurewa39,08011,51229.5%11,5002,33520.3%9,11479.3%510.4%12
25 - Maungakiekie45,23317,34438.3%17,3315,56132.1%11,70867.6%620.4%13
26 - Mt Albert43,93817,54739.9%17,5404,48025.5%13,01574.2%450.3%7
27 - Mt Roskill45,75716,81836.8%16,8055,07430.2%11,67269.5%590.4%13
28 - Napier43,87322,49951.3%22,4917,40632.9%15,00966.7%760.3%8
29 - Nelson46,71023,99851.4%23,9896,79928.3%17,10171.3%890.4%9
30 - New Lynn45,58419,21842.2%19,2105,29127.5%13,86272.2%570.3%8
31 - New Plymouth45,78321,65647.3%21,6467,18733.2%14,40966.6%500.2%10
32 - North Shore48,31421,64944.8%21,63410,40748.1%11,16251.6%650.3%15
33 - Northcote45,27218,68541.3%18,6716,58435.3%12,03664.5%510.3%14
34 - Northland43,62722,03250.5%22,0207,41633.7%14,54766.1%570.3%12
35 - Ōhariu46,11822,64349.1%22,6267,94835.1%14,62064.6%580.3%17
36 - Ōtaki47,35225,57454.0%25,5668,44733.0%17,04666.7%730.3%8
37 - Pakuranga45,24218,26140.4%18,2548,37745.9%9,80653.7%710.4%7
38 - Palmerston North42,10519,30445.9%19,2955,65529.3%13,58670.4%540.3%9
39 - Papakura44,58817,48739.2%17,4806,64038.0%10,77861.7%620.4%7
40 - Port Hills41,71419,72547.3%19,7115,31727.0%14,34472.8%500.3%14
41 - Rangitata47,95523,02948.0%23,0187,22631.4%15,73468.4%580.3%11
42 - Rangitīkei40,43619,89749.2%19,8937,11035.7%12,72063.9%630.3%4
43 - Rimutaka43,78120,56947.0%20,5615,77328.1%14,71871.6%700.3%8
44 - Rodney51,33924,06446.9%24,04211,06146.0%12,90953.7%720.3%22
45 - Rongotai44,55921,39748.0%21,3734,76422.3%16,56577.5%440.2%24
46 - Rotorua42,03219,45446.3%19,4456,72634.6%12,65065.1%690.4%9
47 - Selwyn48,41922,99347.5%22,9888,98839.1%13,94860.7%520.2%5
48 - Tāmaki48,71221,93745.0%21,91611,65153.2%10,17846.4%870.4%21
49 - Taranaki-King Country41,47019,21646.3%19,2117,31138.1%11,85261.7%480.3%5
50 - Taupō45,42521,49047.3%21,4818,28338.6%13,12861.1%700.3%9
51 - Tauranga48,74422,73546.6%22,7239,28340.9%13,36558.8%750.3%12
52 - Te Atatū43,50216,62938.2%16,6214,60627.7%11,95671.9%590.4%8
53 - Tukituki44,70021,25447.6%21,2477,81236.8%13,36362.9%720.3%7
54 - Waikato42,44919,34745.6%19,3447,77640.2%11,51559.5%530.3%3
55 - Waimakariri48,07623,06448.0%23,0588,01634.8%14,98065.0%620.3%6
56 - Wairarapa46,21423,25150.3%23,2448,00134.4%15,17765.3%660.3%7
57 - Waitakere43,31817,39440.2%17,3854,43925.5%12,89674.2%500.3%9
58 - Waitaki49,70725,78251.9%25,7728,83734.3%16,86465.4%710.3%10
59 - Wellington Central45,81221,68047.3%21,6466,85931.7%14,74368.1%440.2%34
60 - West Coast-Tasman44,19823,21752.5%23,2056,36027.4%16,76872.3%770.3%12
61 - Whanganui42,89320,57548.0%20,5675,73627.9%14,75671.8%750.4%8
62 - Whangarei46,03422,01347.8%21,9997,23432.9%14,69966.8%660.3%14
63 - Wigram44,69819,37443.3%19,3685,14126.5%14,17573.2%520.3%6
64 - Hauraki-Waikato33,3799,76829.3%9,7585595.7%9,16593.9%340.4%10
65 - Ikaroa-Rāwhiti33,64810,51431.3%10,5115225.0%9,95494.7%350.3%3
66 - Tāmaki Makaurau33,8309,77228.9%9,7675615.7%9,16893.9%380.4%5
67 - Te Tai Hauāuru31,49110,45633.2%10,4455895.6%9,80993.9%470.5%11
68 - Te Tai Tokerau33,06510,60532.1%10,5836736.4%9,87593.3%350.3%22
69 - Te Tai Tonga31,64210,58433.5%10,5769288.8%9,62491.0%240.2%8
70 - Waiariki33,62610,92232.5%10,9085675.2%10,29194.3%500.5%14

We are being 'watched' and this time I am OK with it!

If you haven't heard the announcements that your every move is being watched and that 'tolerance ' is at an all time low, then all fool you----or should I say ME! Forget about the high profile bloggers or criminals (NO---I am not saying they are the same!) and political opponents and dare I say it--- errant politicians who sleep around! I am talking about Joe Blog---you, me, your neighbours, friends and colleagues---everyone.  NO, I am not talking about what you are getting up to in the wee small hours of the morning or about your views that doubt reflect those of the Governments of your collective countries. I am talking about little New Zealand and the speed you drive your car at. Simple---we have been warned that the 'tolerance has been set at 4 kilometres over the limit. Lets spell that out from my overseas readers. If you are travelling in a 50KL zone, then the tolerance re the speed camera is just 4 KPH. If the limit is 100 (as it is on most open roads in NZ) then it you dare not go over 104KPH. Some of you may say---'fair enough,' but most of us have been used to travelling a good deal over that those limits. Well, it's time to change our ways or we will get the 'book chucked at us.' That is what has happened to me, on two occasions in the last month. In each case I was driving at 5 or 6 KPH (OH, for my USA friends who have yet to join the rest of the world---50KPH is about 30MPH and 100KPH is about 60MPH) over the respective limits and---viola!--I got 'camerafied'---shot----filmed--- whatever. OK, it didn't cost much----only NZ$30, but enough to finally get the message home. SLOW DOWN!
Now, a message to those AHs (you can guess my meaning!) who insist on driving right up my butt, you know---following way to close in an attempt to make me speed up---forget it. You can bloody well slow down too. I am often in this situation, with an impatient twat behind me who attempts to bully me into speeding up. I bet it is because you think you can coerce people who drive Hyundai Getzs. That is now your problem, not mine so pull that foot off the pedal and leave me alone so that I can avoid anymore fines. Got it!---I have.