Saturday, December 14, 2013

Great--Bennett and Rankin to fight it out at the next election.

The sight of Christine Rankin fighting it out with Paula Bennett at the next election is just what we want to see; even if it is just pure entertainment. I bet the Labour Party is happy as they see themselves sneaking through the middle and taking the seat. Oops, I shouldn't put such ideas out there; someone may take them seriously.
Two high profile 'mums,' slinging everything they have at each other, positioning themselves as 'the saviours of the nation,' trying to appeal to basically the same 'voters.' It may well be a question of 'who can bash the beneficiaries best,' or who has the biggest---ear rings. Either way, it is not going to be boring, irrespective of what is actually 'good' for New Zealand. I don't particularly know what they do to attract the centre right vote and with their respective 'bosses;' the leering face of Key and the sanctimonious and ignorant spectre of Craig will be enough to make many cast their eyes elsewhere. That is where Labour could surprise. I don't know who their candidate is. Hell, they should chuck Tamahere in to the mix. That would really set it up for a an entertaining fight on the election trail. If the Greens came to an arrangement with Labour (which they wouldn't) things could get really hot!
So, sit back folks and enjoy the sitcom!

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