Sunday, November 30, 2014

Russia and the USA have much in common!

Rubbish, you say. How can two nations, with very different histories, one purporting to be the bastion of freedom and the other a failed Communist nation , ruled by gangsters, have any similarities?. I leave it to you decide the vagaries of such distinctions, but there are a few points I would like to highlight. Both nations have vast differences in the distribution of wealth; one with former 'friends' of the 'former' ruling party having been 'given' the assets once belonging to the state and the other arriving at the same position simply through the system that allows such acquisitions on a vast scale. In one country it is called the military/industrial complex and in the other, nothing more than former 'state' employees and oligarchs having such wealth. (I make no apology for the overuse of that word) In both countries, millions struggle to maintain a dignified life, with access to health, housing and good education a mere dream. In both countries the media is controlled by a narrow range of interest groups and in one case the State plays the dominant role. Both countries embark on foreign adventures, simply badly disguised attempts to keep the influence of the described groups at the forefront. Both have a wealth of medical experts, but they cut the access to such services, leaving a significant number of citizens without adequate health care. The differences are those of geography, culture and language; the similarities are easily describable!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why did Doug say fuck?

That's a question most needing an answer. Well......we were trying to disassemble the BBQ so that it would fit into his van.  We  took the cover off the BBQ and ........'fuck!   Cockroach. ...fucking huge....he ran....Leaving me to  squash it.  Thank God there was only one. Thank God  the BBQ is now at Dougs  place.  Hope he doesn't read this.

Dougs haven.

What to do on a Spring like day. Why,head  for the hills of course or more  precisely , to  Doug"s  place and the secret garden, the gardens that sustain, that reward his efforts with bounty.  Then the kitchen stars with Doug as the support act. What more could one wish  for.....

Austrlalia has a huge issue with Methamphetamine. Massive drugs haul in Australia! 1.5 A$ billion of misery!

The news today of a massive drugs haul worth one and a half billion dollars just highlights how this scourge is worldwide. In this case it was for the drug 'P' (Methamphetamine) as we call it in NZ. If this 'cache' had hit the streets, imagine the damage, the crime, the families ripped apart. Strong words, but no words can adequately describe the terrible damage caused by this substance. Read about my take on how a family is taken to the 'edge' by the behaviours of a parent; someone who the teenage children look to for guidance. What do you do when a parent enters the dark world of 'P?' Read about it in my book, ROSKILL.> Roskill is a book about hope when there appears to be no way out! Download it or buy the hard copy from Just follow the links at the bottom of the page.

Friday, November 28, 2014

So either 'things' have resolved re the hacking, or it's a quiet day on the 'Eastern Front!'

I have not had a repeat of the massive hits from 'Israel' (I somehow doubt that they originated there anyway, despite what the 'stats' tell me!)for the last 36 hours. Maybe the moves I took stopped that, but perhaps I should not be too confidant as you all know what a techno-deficient individual I am. Maybe I was wrong and the hits were genuine but if you saw what I did re the 'anti-Israeli' demagoguery that I witnessed, then perhaps you would have come to the same conclusion as me. OK====may peace be restored to my 'Net-world' and you all have a wonderful weekend, hopefully reading my book, ROSKILL which you can either download, or buy the hard copy, from my website. Just follow the links and don't forget to buy a copy as a present for a loved one.

John Key forgets ----again!

At what stage will voters become as bored with John Key as much as he 'forgets,' yet again? Is this a sign that he is about to be replaced or will he just disappear and the end of a few very 'unfortunate days?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

An example of hacked site--from Israel but not real I think!

This is what I mean by--hits on my site! Not really possible unless hacked eh! Israel 2089 United States 46 New Zealand 29 United Kingdom 3 Canada 1 Germany 1 Spain 1 Ukraine

I think (I hope) that I have blocked and reported the person 'pretending' to be me!

What a pity my surpise that more then 2000 hits had occured on my blog! It would have been great of that had equated to sales for ROSKILL, but given the nature of the posts that person put up, I doubt it. They had a real 'beef' with Israel and even though I may have agreed with some aspects of their posts, I do not advocate 'downing Israel,' or any other such extreme actions. That the posts purortedly originated in Israel may not be true. I wonder who it could be. Hell, they even had a space where I could 'friend' HER! I didn't and I wont. Oh well--one learns. I just hope that by 'reporting her to the Google plus administrators, that it all stops. Now my 'figures for hits on my blog are a bit 'bent.' So, in my head, I need to take into account that 2000 plus hits do not exist. I also hope that the 'event' does not represent something more sinister. OK--if you are reading this, please pass onto your 'friends,' the real ones, the links to my site and book. Have a good 'non-hacked' day! THE REAL ONE. The one who has bad typos and says unPC things and doesn't give a shite about pissing off bad-arse world leaders and other wannabe politicians!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Maybe I will have to close this blogsite down because of the hacker from ---Israel or nearby!

I shall let this ride for a day an then possibly close tis site down. there is no way in hell that more than 2200 j\hits from Israel in one day are for real. Also, when I make a comment, whoever is doing it are taking crucial wording out of the post, making it look like I have it in for Israel! One of the downsides of blogging, I guess. I know that some say---'any publicity is good publicity,' but not this way!

OK--the plot Thickens re the hits on my blog!

It seems that someone has a hatred of Israel and has taken hold of my blogs. Someone posing as 'SH M' has taken over an aspect of my blog and they are saying 'Down with Israel.' OK, I may not agree with the policies that Israel follows but I certainly do not support some Arab organization that resorts to hacking people's accounts. If anyone knows how I can get this B off my account , get in touch with me!

Israel makes 1800 hits on my blog in one day---impossible!

There has either been a 'mother of all glitches' re my blog site or I am now the target of Mossad or something sinister. I very much doubt the latter as I cannot remember saying anything terribly untoward against Israel. True, I may have levelled some criticism about their polices re the West Bank and Gaza, but I firmly believe in Israel's right to exist peacefully as a nation, free from terrorist attacks, but I genuinely would love to see the Palestinian people have the same rights as Israelis. The sad fact is that two peoples want to retain the same land and the reasons for this are a long litany of foreign adventures in the 'Holly Land.' OK, the other possibilities are: I am the victim of a dumb arse hacker or Israel now loves my blogs. If so---buy my book ROSKILL or download it. Let me believe the latter to be a fact.. Doubt it, somehow!

A beautiful cat came to work!

From time to time, animals follow kids to school. Usually they are picked up by their 'caring' parents,' but this time that has not happenned and I do not think that many people (teachers and kids) are too worried, given the nature of the said beast! I had heard that this black cat was wandering into classes and making herslef at home. I also saw her in the playground going up to kids and smirching her way into their hearts. I wonder why no one has claimed her. Hell, if she was my cat I would move heaven and earth to try to find her. Why do I say that? Well, it seems that she has decided that my office and the comfortable couch is where she belongs. The kids and a parent so far have included her in their sessions with me. She has this calming influnece on them but she also lets them know if she does not want their attention. In the words of our 'Dear Leader,' John Key,--'At the end of the day,' if she decideds that she aint going anywhere, we will have to make some decissions. She will either remain a 'shared school cat,'or I will be joining the wannabes who want to take her home.

Politics is as much about 'perception' as it is about real policy!

Yes there are power-brokers behind every Government, be it the shady military/industrial forces as in the politics of the USA, or the Communist party officials in China and ‘big business’ in New Zealand, but there is also the part, the major part, that ‘perception’ plays to support the myth that the public has the real say, especially where an election process based on ‘universal suffrage’ comes into play. The last six years in New Zealand have been dominated by one man, the one leading the National Party. He has won two successive elections, many would say because he has captured the minds of the ordinary New Zealanders who have bothered to vote. He has projected an image that somehow manages to connect with enough NZers to garner the seats in parliament he needs to continue his regime. Many of his supporters, including large numbers of people contributing posts on FB have been part of this process and along with the Media in general, have been drawn into his web of support. He has been able to maintain his position simply because he has projected an image that attracts enough people to vote for his party and thereby keep his hold on power. It seems that no matter what the issue, or his responses to various accusations; no matter how low he appears to go in some peoples’ eyes, the mud has not stuck. The perception that he connects with ordinary NZers has been his main appeal to those who vote for him. That he ‘turns off’ a significant number of NZers, allowing them to pullback from voting is just one more ‘peg in a hole’ that pushes him over the line each election. So far this allusion had served him well, in that enough NZers have held him high. This is an unpalatable morsel for those who oppose him to digest. The perception that PM Key is the ‘man’ to lead NZ has carried him over the line, leaving the opposition to fragment and turn on itself several times. Perceptions change over time and when they do, it is often dramatic. Since Nicky Hager released his book, ‘Dirty Politics,’ the discussion around PM Key has taken a new direction. Sure, he survived yet another challenge, but he seeds of doubt were sown. That perception of ‘a leader in control,’ has been severely tarnished. Even reporters who could see no wrong in the PM have started to question him in a different and more strident manner. I was extremely surprised to see one of the hosts on ‘Seven Sharp’ actually starting to take it to Key the other night. An influential journalist (John Armstrong) writing in the Herald, a newspaper well known for its support of the National-led Government, has launched into a series of damaging attacks on Key. These changes do not happen unless there has been a major shift in perception, at many levels. Are we seeing this groundswell of support for the PM finally starting to dissipate? I believe we are and the process is going to accelerate as his colleagues begin to make the link between their own political survival and the need to cut their support for Key. Watch over the next months as prominent members of the National Party being to pull back, leaving their leader more exposed. Once the public perception changes, the message will be clear---‘it is time to go Mr Key!’ That leaves of course the question—who will fill his shoes? Many of the ‘wannabe feet’ also have the taint of foot odour!’ For Labour’s part, the new leader, Andrew Little, has already signalled his intention to take the battle right to My Key and the National Party. If he manages to sort out issues around policy, he is well placed to bring about a revival in that once great Party’s perception with the public of NZ. WE are in for exciting times in NZ. Hopefully the needs of most NZers will be served and not just those of a narrow sector at the top of the pile!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How many Jack Russells would you think are too mnay?

One of the Jack Russell puppies in the picture is Perdy. I think it is the one on the far right----the runt of the litter! You wouldn't think so now, if you could see her, experience her craziness and zest for life. She may have begun life as the 'one always left out,' but she has gained a life that adds so much to mine. When I look at the picture, I often wonder what her brothers and sisters are doing now and where they live. I htnk about howthier lives might be. I just hope that they have owners who love them, spoil them, take them everywhere. If not---I wish that I could have them all. That woud really be a crazy over-the-top scenario. My poor little house!

Bariatric surgery---old habits await those not prepared!

It has been about 19 months since I had my bariatric surgery and there is little I have to complain about re the results. From a hefty 120 kilos (Remember I am only 169cm so that equated to a BMI of about 45 plus!) I was able to get down to about 77 kilos---I don’t count the bout of tummy upset that took me briefly to 75kilos!---- and I also relieved myself of many health issues, including type two diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnoea and high blood pressure. Life is looking good and it seemed that my weight loss was permanent. I helped to set up a Bariatric Support group on FB and it soon had a good number of supportive members. I managed to garner a little publicity via MiNDFOOD magazine re the efficacy of the operation, but my real aim was to sell my book, ROSKILL. I make no excuses for that of course because when one is self-published, any publicity is good publicity! Of late I have been hearing about some people who have had the operation or one of the several available, that they had put on a high proportion of the weight they lost, some within a year. At first I put this down to them ‘not sticking to the programme.’ I thought---they are just sneaking calories in---like too many liquid ‘sweeties’ or easily taken in calories. Believe me that is entirely possible. For most of us, we hit the wall pretty quickly re the amount of food we can eat in any one sitting, but if one does that with the ‘wrong food’ on a regular basis---well something has to give----or gain in this case. The above scenario happens slowly---it can creep up on you. Before you know it, you are returning to the ‘old habits.' You make little excuses, just like you used to. So---in a sense, this is where the head stuff comes in; those old behaviour patterns that helped to get you into that massive state in the first place. If you do not exercise this pattern is even more obvious. One must walk---every day and slowly increase the intensity. One must be vigilant about those creeping kilos. Watch and take action. All that effort can be lost as the kilos apparently start to reappear! It is support groups like this one that can help. It is important to be honest with yourself and fess up when you see a pattern emerging. I am not suggesting a return to the yo-yo diets of old---the ones that probably propelled you to gain your ‘massiveness’ in the first place, but I am saying—take stock of what you are eating and stay away from too many carbs, especially those in the form of processed sweet things and bread. Join a walking group or get a dog; one that demands long walks or you risk your house being eaten and trashed! Jack Rusells fit the bill nicely! Those of us who have had the operation, know that we have to take supplements. I find that if I go more than a day or two without my intake, I hit the wall pretty quickly. I get tired and lack energy. The couch looks more inviting than the walk, but that is easily remedied by returning to my strict pill popping. I was using Centrum and it worked well. I have since swapped to some Usana products and the cost is similar, especially if you become a ‘preferred customer.' That means getting regular orders and combined with their other products re skin and hair care, it is well worth the extra money. I did think of becoming a ‘distributor,’ (that is a pending decision!) but knowing someone is enough for me. I have included the link for that in this posting. OK---from here, I need to do the following. Look carefully at what I am eating again but not dieting. Taking a few simple steps re my creeping desire to eat ice-cream and baked goodies (or not so goodies) and about five times a week, using a Usana meal replacement. I know that when I take these I am not hungry for quite a few hours. I can combine that with my regular ‘grazing’ in my veggie patch. I have this new fun thing, whereby, while dinner is simmering, I water the greens in the garden and then proceed to have my ‘salad on the hoof!’ Yes, I pick raw greens and chew away on them, hoping that I have not included any critters’ in my intake!Pullng a few weeds out also adds to the exercise regime. Will this be enough to prevent the ‘repackaging’ of my former self? I hope so and it is the Bariatric Support group that may make the difference. I am sure we all fear going back to that place we inhabited before. Let us keep encouraging one another and tell our stories so that others can support as we will help them. This journey is a never-ending story. The link I talked about The link to my book and a direct link re downloading the eBook version

Monday, November 24, 2014

'Dirty Politics' was just the entree!

Many New Zealanders were shocked at the so-called ‘revelations’ portrayed on Hager’s book, ‘Dirty Politics.’ The remainder chose to consign the opinion Hager attempted to put upon us as lies and dammed lies or just ignore them as a ‘what the hell does it have to do with me?’ kind of reaction. Now that the truth is about to come out, the PM’s part in the saga can no longer be denied. That he won an election, twice re how he used the events surrounding the allegations is a strong possibility. New Zealanders were sucked in to his ‘smiling assassins’ face and the manner in which he attacked those trying to put forward an alternate point of view re Hager’s opinion. We now have the spectre of the GCSB needing to apologize to Phil Goff, the Leader of the Opposition in 2011. Many would say that the election in that year was stolen by the actions of the PM and how he directed the GCSB via spurious leaks and underhanded manoeuvrings, leaking information and having his fellow conspirators (Slater and CO.) do his dirty work. That much of what those ‘allies’ put into the public domain influenced the outcome of the 2011 and the one just held, will be debated for many years, but at the very least, the actions of our PM should be questioned. New Zealand has to endure the present Government for just under three more years. What will the PM and his party come up with next, in order to further their aspirations re holding on to power? One can only guess, but be prepared for more of what we have witnessed over the last 6 years. Politicians of all persuasions and power-brokers in general have this tendency—one that cares only for the ‘baubles’ of such power and the need to hang onto it--- so it is--- New Zealand----be aware and trust sparingly those who would rule us and especially those who actually DO!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Roskill needs reviews!

If one Googles 'Roskill by Neil Coleman, many hits will occur, but what does not happen enough is the reuslts for 'reviews of Roskill.' I would like to change that. You can help me to achieve this in several ways: Firstly by buying a hard copy via my website ( or by downloading the Ebook version. You can also contact me directly at and I can sell you a copy. I know, many people do not want to review a book as they think it takes time. Take a look at what others who have reviewed Roskill have said and you will see that it doesn't take much time. OK, please spread the word and the links and yes, I can take a bad review. I shall just go for a long 'review walk' if it's a bad one! Cheers Neil

This little bundle of 'joy.'

Just over 4 years ago this little bundle of joy came into our lives. She has seen me through my bariatric operation and helped me to maintain a healthier lifestyle. She demands at least one good walk a day and in the weekends and holidays that increases to several 'adventures' each day. Perdy is responsible for me extending my friendship group as I meet other 'mums and dads' of her caninie friends. Yes, dogs most certainly choose who they wish to cavourt with in the parks, beaches and other favourite places. She has brought joy to my life and I cannot think of her 'not' being in my healthier and happier life. Thank you Perdita (Perdy). You are a treasure!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Indonesia--you present yourself as a forward thinking modern nation---but virginity tests for your female police recruits?

When I first saw reports on FB about female recruits undergoing 'intrusive,' traumatic virginity tests, all in the name or 'moral behaviour,' I was aghast. But several news reports later, I am forced to accept that this is indeed happening. Come on Mr Widodo--here is your chance to put an end to this barbaric practise. Show some strength and solidarity with the women in Indonesia and bring about change. Do men also undergo some sort of test? Of course they don't! Indonesia has made huge strides in its struggle to bring a better life for its citizens and is showing real progress in its fight against the extremists within the country who would take this proud nation back to something more akin with what we bare seeing in other Islamic countries. The newly elected President is well aware of the forces that mitigate against the aims he espouses as the way forward for Indonesia, but this example if how things 'used to be,' must be firmly expunged and consigned to the past. www.authorneilcoleman.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sons Of Orpheus---Chapter 5.

SONS OF ORPHEUS---Chapter 5 5 Sydney Harbour. Alex was surprised at the number of ships anchored at the nearby quays. He had heard a few tales from sailors who had visited the port in the past and assumed that Sydney was little more than a provincial town. Even from the deck of the Orpheus, it was clear that the bustling town was bigger than he had been led to believe. Once he had completed his duties, he was free to explore the city. Alex decided to head to a nearby tavern, which was visible from where he was standing on the deck. He joined several fellow officers. They could hear the sounds of the patrons before they entered and once inside, the smell of over-heated bodies, intermingling with the aroma of roasted beef was almost overpowering. Alex suggested they head for a table where there were several empty seats. ‘Are these seats taken?’ Alex asked politely. ‘Don’t look like it matey, now does it,’ a half drunken sailor answered. Alex ignored the reply and took a seat next to a well-dressed gentleman. The tavern attracted a wide range of clientele, due to its proximity to the port area. ‘What can I get you Sir?’ The waitress ignored the bawdy remarks from several sailors behind her. Alex felt uncomfortable at the apparent lack of manners on the part of the men, but chose to leave it, preferring to get a few tankards on the table instead. The waitress reappeared a few minutes later with a tray of overflowing frothy tankards. ‘Ah-----that’ll hit the spot, I’d say,’ one of Alex’s companions uttered greedily. Jack was still aboard the Emerald. He was quite content to lean nonchalantly on the railings as the passengers disembarked, and the crew unloaded the cargo from the holds. He laughed at the men cursing and teasing one another, sometimes to the point that the Captain had to curtail their exchanges. Jack’s thoughts strayed to his immediate future. The Cook had made it clear that he would be quite happy for Jack to continue in his position as “assistant Cook”. Although he had enjoyed his time in the galley, Jack was unsure. ‘I don’t think I want to be cooking the same stuff, day after day. It’ll drive me round the twist’ ‘There’s many a lad who’d love to have your job, but I can see your point, especially with the likes of what we can see from here in good old Sydney town then,’ the Cook acknowledged. ‘I hear that Australia’s bloody hot and has beasts and insects that’re pretty nasty, like sharks, crocodiles, snakes and dangerous spiders. I don’t fancy coming across them now do I.’ A shiver rippled down Jack’s spine at the prospect of encountering even one of these scary creatures. Jack’s thoughts were interrupted by the cook. ‘I have a little surprise for you Jack. Here, take this,’ he added and handed Jack a large coin. It was a guinea; a coin that Jack had never seen, but he knew its value was far more than anything he had ever possessed. ‘Make it last lad, cause there won’t be any more of those for a long time. The Captain reckons we’ill be setting sail in a week for the return voyage back to Liverpool, so you better get a good look at Sydney. Watch those tarts in the tavern, ‘cause sure as eggs they’ll ‘ave ya money’, he added, barely able to keep a straight face. Adi looked down at his threadbare clothing. ‘Well for starters, I’d like to get some decent clothes, and maybe some real shoes instead of these sad looking things.’ He glanced at his guinea. ’Will that buy me much?’ ‘Be careful Jack, ‘cause there’s plenty of crooks out there who will be only too happy to rip you off, so maybe I better come with you. You wanna go now?’ he added. ‘Sure. Let’s go. I feel like some real fresh meat too and I think I know where I want to go,’ he added, looking towards the tavern near the docks where the unmistakeable waft of roast meat was coming from. They made their way down the boarding plank, dodging the busy crew who had yet to complete their unloading. Jack and Dick dodged the sweaty workers on the key and arrived at the tavern a few moments later. They had decided that shopping for clothes could wait until they had sampled the roasting meat and a tankard or two of ale. Other members of the crew also joined them. The tavern was particularly busy, with sailors from several ships competing for service with numerous locals, some of whom looked decidedly shifty. In one corner a group sat around the bench, talking in whispers, whilst observing each new arrival. They were dressed in rough clothing that had seen better days. Every few seconds they broke out into raucous laughter, drawing glances from those at the next bench. Jack noticed a young lady, balancing a tray of tankards on her shoulder, trying to squeeze past a group standing near the bar. As she passed by a bench, one of the men reached out and slapped her behind. The response was immediate and effective. She brought her free hand down in a vicious whack across the offending man’s face. ‘Keep ya filthy hands off me you dirty bastard!’ she yelled. The man’s friends broke out into laughter as they teased their mate. He stood up; his face contorted with rage and made a move towards the waitress. Several hands grabbed at him, forcing him back to his bench. ‘I’d leave it boyo. Yu’s askin’ for trouble----just leave it,’ one of his mates said. The incident was over in seconds. He continued to drink and the waitress carried on as if nothing had happened. ‘I guess he’ll learn the hard way then eh?’ Dick ‘Keep your wits about you boy, ‘cause I don’t like the look of some of these bastards, and save your money. I’m gona buy this for ya,’ Dick added. The smell of the beef was almost overwhelmed by the odour of unwashed bodies and the cloying smell of cheap tobacco. The noise in the crowded tavern was enough to make it almost impossible to make oneself heard. As they made their way towards a bench-like table, Jack accidentally bumped against a young man similar in age to him, almost causing him to trip. Jack politely apologised and the young man just nodded his head in acknowledgement and continued on to the same table where he and Dick were headed. When Jack and Dick sat, the young man squeezed in beside them. He was with a group of sailors from another ship. Adi looked around at the strange scene. The young man sitting next to him appeared to be observing the rambunctious behaviour of those around him as the waitress took the order from the older, better dressed gentleman further along the table. Adi’s observations were interrupted by the clumsy placement of tankards of ale in front of him and his companions. ‘Drink up boy,’ Doctor Thomas encouraged. Adi had not enjoyed the wine that Captain Smith and Doctor Thomas had offered him and was a little reluctant to try this new beverage. His friends were insisting that he try the ale. ‘Come on Adi, be a man ----drink up!’ shouted one of the crew. ‘Ale never hurt anyone. Adi reluctantly raised the tankard to his lips and took a swig of the golden fluid. It tasted sweet and yet slightly bitter; not unpleasant and certainly more drinkable than the wine he had tried before. To his left, the young man was observing his reaction closely. Jack waited for his food and beer to arrive. Unlike Adi, he had experienced beer, whisky and on occasion some of the cheaper spirits available in Ireland and Liverpool. ‘Go for it Jack!’ they chorused. ‘Give ‘im another!’ someone encouraged. ‘Hey, leave him alone. Don’t want some hussy taking advantage of ‘im now do we?’ Dick responded. ‘We’ll make a man of ‘im yet,’ added another. Jack continued to drink his ale, although, not as greedily as his companions. Adi wondered at the antics of the men who were trying to get Jack to drink but remembered the older men in his village were also quite capable of pressuring younger men into taking on more than they were ready for, and then laughing at the results. Two waitresses appeared with trays of food and placed them before the men from both ships. A pleasing aroma arose from the steaming food, trapped in clouds of steam. Along with huge quantities of roasted beef and gravy, there were bowls containing crispy brown potatoes and boiled cabbage. The noisy discussions from the men were replaced by the serious matter of contented eating. Jack and Adi needed no encouragement to join in. Eventually, after much belching and secret farting, the men began to settle into more drinking and jovial discussion about how they were going to spend their wages. The men from the Emerald and the Plymouth began to swap tales and experiences, leaving Jack and Adi to enter into a dialogue of their own. ‘I’m Adi. These are my crew mates,’ he indicated towards the now noisy men at his end of the table. ‘Yeah, I figured that out. I’m Jack, and these noisy buggers are from the Emerald. Was that your ship we passed on the way through to the docks - that whaler?’ he asked. ‘Looked like it had been through a storm or two.’ ‘So many questions,’ Adi retorted with a smile on his face. ‘It lost mast---before I join,’ he added. Jack’s natural curiosity got the better of him. Adi’s strange accent and slightly hesitant manner of speaking intrigued him. ‘So what you doing with that lot then? You don’t exactly look like the others,’ he laughed. ‘Sort of a bit darker, if you know what I mean.’ ‘Mmmm – what about your red devil hair? Does not fit with them others either, does it?’ Adi teased back. ‘Is it real?’ ‘Cheeky bugger,’ Jack replied, not sure if he was annoyed or amused. ‘I’ve seen darkies like you in Liverpool, but you aren’t quite so dark, sort of just toasted a bit,’ he said, laughing at his own joke. ‘Where’s Liverpool?’ Adi asked, missing Jack’s barbs. ‘A long way from here. What about you? Are you a native from ‘ere then?’ ‘Native? ---what you mean?’ Adi replied. ‘Mmmm-----I think you’ve got a lot to learn.’ Jack suddenly remembered the guinea in his pocket and his need to get some new clothes. He noticed that Adi was similarly dressed in others’ off casts. ‘What say we get out of here?’ Jack suggested. ‘I wanna find some decent duds, ‘cause these ones are just about falling off. Looks like there are shops up the road.’ Adi understood most of what Jack had said and quickly agreed. He remembered the Doctor had said he was holding some money for him. ‘Wait,’ Adi said. ‘I’ll ask the Doctor for my money. He’s saving it for me, for clothes too.’ He left his seat and approached the red-faced doctor. After a few mumbled remarks the Doctor handed over a handful of coins. ‘Don’t spend them all at once lad, and remember what I said about being careful. Come back to the Plymouth before nightfall, cause it isn’t safe round here then,’ the Doctor advised. Others had also noted the exchange of money. Adi returned to Jack and they left the tavern together. Once outside, they welcomed the cleaner air and quickly found a bench to sit on and take stock of their surroundings. Away from the tavern, the street was busy and loud. Street vendors implored passers-by to buy their wares, including, fruit and vegetables from outlying farms, alongside others who were selling clothing and cheap housewares. As the boys watched, they settled into a friendly conversation. ‘So strange-------so different,’ Adi said. ‘It’s a bit like Liverpool actually. Even the way many of them speak,’ Jack added. Some of them look a bit shifty though.’ ‘What is shitty?’ ‘Shifty----not shitty,’ Jack laughed. ‘Mmmmm----let me see----I suppose it’s like I’m not sure I would trust them much,’ Jack said. He was once again reminded that Adi had much to learn about English. ‘Yes---a good word---shifty. I like it. Maybe you are shifty, Jack,’ Adi teased. ‘Hang round long enough and you’ll find out soon enough.’ Passers-by glanced at them, noting their very different appearances; Jack with his red hair and freckled complexion, while Adi was darker with long wavy black hair. Jack and Adi were oblivious to this and continued to share their respective backgrounds, leaving lots of gaps for future discussions. One concern they had in common was their questions about what the future might hold for them. For now they put this aside and started to amble along the street towards the area known as The Rocks. Back at the tavern, Dick noticed that Jack had disappeared, along with the young man he had been talking to. He was sitting next to the Doctor, who was by now quite drunk. He would never have set the boy loose if he had been in a more sober frame of mind. ‘Where’d the two young lads go?’ he asked no one in particular. He temporarily came to his senses. ‘I think your l-lad went with ours. Young Adi said somethin’ about going to get some---new gear, so I gave ‘im some coins,’ he slurred. ‘Maybe not such a good idea, ‘cause he’s never seen a city before, particularly one---so different from his homeland.’ ‘That’s for bloody sure,’ replied a worried Dick. ‘I’m gona go and look for them. They can’t have gone too far. You stay here Doctor and we’ll meet back at the Plymouth later.’ Dick motioned to the waitress to pay the bill, and then left the tavern.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When a family is in danger of self-destructing. A story of hope--ROSKILL.

What would you do if a member of your family became involved in the dark world of ‘P?’ (Methamphetamine). The sad truth is that for many families, that is something happening on a daily basis. What happens to the family, the employment of the family member who makes this choice? Who can you turn to? For the teenage children, what are the options? ROSKILL, by Neil Coleman, explores this sad scenario. Roskill is a book that offers hope, when there appears to be a huge void for... a family. It is a story of courage, when giving in could have been the easier option. ROSKILL is for all families, parents and their teenage children, for the grandparents because they too are a vital link in the support systems for families. You can get a copy of this book via my website or by hitting on the link for an eBook version. Feel free to contact me direct at For libraries (Schools and public) there is also the link Thanks Neil

Sunday, November 16, 2014

ISIS strikes again. Bombing 'innocent' people or barbaric beheadings---which is worse?

Most of the world will be horrified at the latest mass beheadings carried out by ISIS. Even Muslims around the world are roundly condemning the latest ‘horror show,’ put on for the benefit of the cameras. Supporters of the said group would point to the mindless killing resulting from Coalition forces bombing and killing people that is often described as ‘collateral damage, is far worse re the numbers involved.’ It is the intent that differs, even though a massive number of ‘innocents ‘have died as a result of the bombings, often from drones. It is the orchestrated violence and messages of hate that differentiate the two actions. Both of them are wrong but the actions of ISIS fall into a category that numbs ones imagination. It connects with something that we all fear, something beyond our control. The ISIS powerbrokers know what they are doing. They do not see the short term gains but something that has an end-aim. They hope to bring about a ‘State’ controlled by their narrow view of how things should be. That the people they wish to rule do not have a say, matters little to them. IN this aspect they differ little from other individuals and group in history who have resorted to extreme and abhorrent methods. Isis is in no hurry. They are prepared to hide, hit, run and come back, again and again. It is this wearing down of the opposition that is most telling. Their actual beliefs are perhaps a little hard to ascertain, other than the wild expositions we hear from time to time. Much of is delivered by chosen Jihadists, prior to or after an ‘action’ has taken place. This always causes cries of outrage in the media. For ISIS it is almost as if ‘any publicity is good publicity. They are after all, aiming at garnering support in the West, amongst easily swayed marginalized groups and individuals. Thus, whilst terrible inequalities exists in the ‘West,’ there will always be a target group for groups like ISIS. They will certainly not be the last of such groups. In the meantime, expect more of what we have seen for the past few years.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Onehunga Wharf. About time it became a hub again!

Strong support for opening wharf LAUREN PRIESTLEY Last updated 05:00 14/11/2014 WHAT NEXT: Survey results show strong public support for opening up Onehunga Wharf. Relevant offers New numbers are stacking up behind overwhelming calls to open up Auckland's Onehunga Wharf to the public. Results from an AUT University survey on the use and tourism potential of the Manukau Harbour were released on November 6. And it has revealed strong support for the wharf to become a bustling public hub. Community members have been pushing for the outcome for years. At present, the Ports of Auckland-owned wharf is closed to the public. Hopefully the results will speed up action on the ground, Manukau Harbour Restoration Society chairman Jim Jackson said. "I think it just reinforces our position that the port of Onehunga is a critical piece of infrastructure for developing the Manukau Harbour. "We're very pleased with it, it's a great start." (Finally---we may be seeing a return of 'yesteryear---Onehunga resuming its rightful place as a hub, in particular as a buzzing port, open to the public, with the addition of shops, cafes and then no doubt a burst of activity re apartments nearby. This is as it should be. There was a time, when shipping between Australia and NZ was faster if one travelled via Onehunga. Just look at the map to understand that.Of course the issue of the bar at the entrance to the harbour was always against further development and after the Orpheus went down in 1863, things were not quite the same. OK, any modern day revival will fit present day needs, but I say---bring it on! This section by Neil Coleman ) The university's New Zealand Tourism Research Institute surveyed 272 visitors to the area and 688 residents in the study. It was commissioned by the Manukau Harbour Restoration Society and funded by the Manukau Harbour Forum. Results show 77 per cent of the visitors and 87 per cent of the residents surveyed were in support of redeveloping the wharf. Suggestions for development include the introduction of cafes, bars, restaurants, a fish market, a museum, marine and harbour heritage education and a visitor centre. AUT Professor Simon Milne said the results were strongly in support of a wharf transformation. "I think that's a good indication of the benefits it will bring to the community as a public space." Ports of Auckland spokesman Matt Ball said the Onehunga port is used for commercial freight and is not currently suitable for public access. The future of the port is still undecided, he said. A proposal to operate passenger ferries from the wharf was floated by Sealink in September but Ports of Auckland was never approached about the possibility, Ball said. The organisation would be happy to consider a public ferry operation from the port, he said. "It would not be safe to allow public access at the moment and it would be irresponsible of us to do so. "In the medium term, after Holcim cement moves to the Waitemata, Onehunga port will probably have a different future. What that future will be and how the transition will be handled are yet to be determined." Go to for the full survey results. Ad Feedback

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Reflux and trying to get off those nasty pills! The natural way.

Lots of people suffer from Acid Reflux and it can be quite 'sleep disturbing' and have serious affects further down the track if not treated. Yes, it can be 'controlled' re medication but those of us who don't want to permanently take these pills often seek other answers. OK, we are not all the same and the causes are not always easily apparent. I decided to try to go off the pills and attempt a more natural way of dealing to my Reflux issues. Firstly, I stopped drinking coffee at night and I do not have spicy food more than a few times a week. I tried turmeric in a drink but that was revolting so I knew I needed to mask the taste. It DID help though. I am now using a mixture of slippery elm, mixed with Manuka honey and still adding a pinch of turmeric to the warm milk. This concoction actually tastes good. In the morning, I start the day with some apple cider vinegar, before have breakfast. The next addition will be Aloe, which I conveniently grow. I reckon I have the bases covered and I hope to be able to report back in the next few weeks about winning the battle of the 'reflux!'

New Zealand police make yet another 'P' (Methamphetamine) bust.

Here we go again--yes another example of this nasty drug and the flow on effects. 'P' is destroying countless lives and businesses. Read about my take on how it affects a family, threatenning its very exisitnace. What do the kids do and who do they turn to. The answers may surprise you! go to my website and download or order Roskill Follow the links an for the ebook just go to Properties, cash and cars seized in $10 million drug bust 10:15 AM Friday Nov 14, 2014 Save Like on Facebook 12Tweet on Twitter 3Post on LinkedIn 0+1 on Google+ 0Email Print Auckland RegionCrimeNZ Police Police would like to locate Chi Wo Lau in relation to the termination of Operation Roller. Five residential properties have been seized as part of a $10 million drug bust. Detectives from the Organised and Financial Crime Agency of New Zealand (Ofcanz) have arrested three suspects and seized $4.5 million worth of methamphetamine, $2.8 million in cash, five properties and three high-valued motor vehicles. Operation Roller focused on the supply of methamphetamine in the Auckland region. The suspects are a 61-year-old New Zealand citizen, a 23-year-old Chinese national and a 43-year-old New Zealand citizen. Detective Senior Sergeant Colin Parmenter said Operation Roller demonstrated that the demand for methamphetamine in New Zealand remains high. "The market for methamphetamine is still very strong," Mr Parmenter said. "Police will continue to target organised criminal groups that manufacture and supply methamphetamine to prevent the harm it causes in our community." The 61-year-old New Zealander was charged with a number of drug-related offences after police found 2kg of methamphetamine at a property in Bucklands Beach. The Chinese national and the 43-year-old New Zealand citizen were charged with possessing methamphetamine for supply following the discovery of 2.5 kilograms of methamphetamine at a Remuera address. Mr Parmenter said police would also like to locate Chi Wo Lau in relation to the termination of Operation Roller. "Mr Lau is a 41-year-old New Zealand citizen who has links across the Auckland region," Mr Parmenter said. "He has access to a black Toyota Ractis with the registration HGS977 and a silver Lexus which has a number plate of DWY230." If anyone has information as to the whereabouts of Mr Lau they are asked to contact OFCANZ Detectives on 021 1916108 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. - NZME.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sons of Orpheus--Chapter 4.

SONS OF ORPHEUS Chapter 4. 4 Northern Tasman Sea The Orpheus was almost becalmed, about five hundred miles north-east of New Zealand. Progress was minimal, as the ship sat as if anchored, its sails flapping occasionally against the masts. On deck, Alex stared up at the crow’s nest where a young sailor was searching for any signs of a breeze on the flat waters. To make matters worse, the air felt heavy, making breathing a real effort. ‘Damn----this has been for three days now. When are those engines back on?’ Alex said mournfully. ‘It’s a bit like in the Atlantic, eh Sir,’ a young midshipman sighed. ‘Makes for a boring time, don’t it. I’m sure I heard the chief say that we’ll have power again by tonight.’ ‘About time-----I would have thought we should have had all this done back in Canada. There’s been a few times when I’ve seen a crew get a bit restless, I can tell you,’ Alex replied. He was thinking of a time in the Atlantic, when the captain of the frigate he had been assigned to, had needed to take extreme measures when some of the crew had raided the rum barrel, while waiting for a breeze. That was on a ship without steam. Their actions earned them a week in the brig. ‘Well, I’m looking forward to the gunnery practise. Maybe we’ll get to use it on those natives in New Zealand when we get there.’ The young midshipman had earlier chatted excitedly about how he wanted to punish the natives around the Auckland area. Alex did not share the midshipman’s zeal. ‘What would you know about that then? I wouldn’t believe everything you hear from the likes of those guys,’ Alex said, indicating some of the crew who had been talking to the midshipmen before Alex came on duty. ‘One of the boys there told me his brother is in Onehunga and that they’re pretty stirred up about those buggers raiding the farms near the town.’ ‘Mmmm---I still say we should wait to we hear that from more official sources.’ Alex turned and left the midshipmen to organize the men, while he headed to the Captain’s quarters for the morning briefing. Later that morning, a skiff headed out from the Orpheus, towing a target mounted on a small floating platform. Barley a yard high, it represented a particularly difficult target to hit, making the competition all the more serious amongst the gunnery crews. Alex remained aboard the Orpheus, overseeing the practice alongside the captain, who chose merely to observe. His comments would come later. At first, the shots were either high or way off the mark, but within minutes the target had been destroyed, bring a satisfied smile to Alex’s face. The captain too, seemed happy with the exercise. ‘There’s no sense in continuing this---no point in wasting ammunition. We may well need it all later.’ ‘Yes Captain. I shall call off the exercise and reward the men from the winning team,’ Alex replied. He looked forward to an early lunch, to be followed by an easy afternoon. A tot of rum was issued and the men made their way to the lower decks only to be recalled a few minutes later by an order from the First Mate. The wind had finally picked up and the sails began to fill as the breeze turned into a continuous flow from the north-east Northern Queensland Coast, December 1, 1862 Adi struggled with many of the words and meanings in the book that Doctor Rankin had lent him. It was remarkable in itself that he even attempted such a task. He had before him a worn copy of Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Tale,’ even though he had to stop often to ask the Doctor the meaning of a new word; once told he remembered, increasing his vocabulary at a tremendous rate. He enjoyed the tale and the characters. Doctor Rankin looked forward to the times in the evenings when he and Adi sat together in the quieter areas of the ship, discussing the latest book in Adi’s growing repertoire as the Plymouth continued to make its way at a leisurely pace down the North Queensland Coast. Captain Smith was perusing an Admiralty map of the area they were about to enter. Many ships had been cruelly ripped apart on the jagged coral reefs that lay just below the surface of the Great Barrier Reef. Captain Cook had encountered danger and only narrowly survived. With this in mind the Captain carefully plotted his course and made the necessary arrangements to make sure that his crew were on full alert. He was interrupted by a hesitant knock on his door. ‘Enter!’ barked the Captain, and when Adi entered, his mood lightened. He noted how Adi looked a good deal healthier than when he had first come aboard the Plymouth, nicely filled out and not so scrawny. The Captain’s attention was drawn to the bottle Adi had in one hand and a small wrapped item in the other. ‘Mmmm----what’s that you have there boy?’ He watched as Adi placed the two items on the small table and carefully began to unwrap the parcel. ‘Doctor Thomas s- sends it with regard Sir,’ Adi stammered. The Captain smiled. Adi was becoming increasingly confident in his attempts at English. His nose caught the unmistakeable odour of a strong cheese. He wondered how the Doctor had managed to keep the cheese this long without devouring it. His own store of ‘extras’ had long since been consumed, along with most of his wine store. ‘Sit yourself down boy,’ he commanded, ‘and let’s have that there bottle. Where did he manage to get this one?’ he inquired. ‘French, if I’m not mistaken, and a damned good one too, judging by its nose. Let’s have it then.’ There was another knock on the door and before the Captain could respond, it burst open. The Doctor entered the cabin. ‘Thought I might join you,’ he laughed. ‘Can’t let you have it all to yourself, and it is my last. Cut the cheese Adi, and let’s be at it.’ Adi quickly sliced the cheese with a knife he had retrieved from the Captain’s desk. He then moved towards the door and left the two to their feast. ‘Sit boy, and let us introduce you to another world, ‘cause buggered if I know when we will see the likes of this again,’ the Captain commanded. ‘Well Tobias, not too far to Sydney, as long as we stay off those bloody reefs.’ ‘Let’s just hope and pray that these winds keep up so that we don’t have to tack too much,’ the Doctor replied. ‘We nearly went aground last voyage.’ ‘True,’ replied the Captain. ‘This time, we’ve run out of booze for the crew, so we better keep this lot from them eh.’ Adi found three cups on the desk and quickly wiped them out before pouring a generous portion in the first two glasses, while barley covering the bottom of his glass. The Captain noticed. ‘Easy go. We want to make it last, but what about you. It’s not every day that a young fellow like you gets to drink with the captain.’ Despite his increasing confidence around the captain and the Doctor, Adi still felt a little uncomfortable. He preferred to fill the role of serving the two gentlemen, rather than be an active participant. However he managed to sip a little of the drink, while making himself busy around the cabin. The afternoon passed pleasantly for all three. It was obvious to Adi that the two were old friends and had many tales to share from past shared voyages. It pleased him to see the two friends enjoying their treat. If anything, the stories became even more fantastic, especially after the Captain raided the final bottle from his collection, one that he had temporarily forgotten he had stored. Adi was particularly interested in the stories the two told of their experiences from ‘Maori Land’ or New Zealand as it was named. They told him that the natives looked like bigger versions of him and were known to eat their enemies. The tales sent a shiver down his spine but also awoke a curiosity in him about this new land at the end of the world The Tasman Sea, South of Sydney, early December, 1862 The Emerald was tacking into a North Easterly breeze, making good progress. Jack had overheard Captain Pickering say to his first mate that they were only about a hundred miles southeast of Sydney. There was a growing level of curiosity amongst the passengers and the first-timers, including Jack, that Sydney was just over the horizon, yet still far off. It seemed almost unreal that they were nearing the end of the long voyage. ‘Hey, why so glum Jack? You look like the worlds on your shoulders. Hell, you should be looking forward to visiting the ladies at the Rocks, hehehhe. I’m sure they will sort you out lad; especially a good looking boy like you,’ the Dick teased. Jack was sure his face was beetroot red. His experience with girls, never mind ladies, was nil. His main concern so far was just to survive. He put up with Dick’s teasing barbs and carried on with helping him prepare the usual boring mid-day meal. One thing was sure. In the future, he didn’t want to live day after day eating such a bland and limited diet. The time he had spent in the galley had re-awakened his taste buds, bringing back memories of the spicy food he had eaten in his village. The sound of running feet and excited voices interrupted the pair’s work. ‘The Heads are just ahead!’ shouted a crew member. The deck began to fill with the sounds of the noisy passengers, along with those in the crew who were not needed for the immediate task of bringing the ship to port. Dick let Jack join those on deck, remembering his own first sight of Sydney Harbour. Jack clung excitedly to the Emerald’s railings as she slipped majestically through the Heads and entered Sydney Harbour, passing a lumbering whaler that had lost one of its masts. The call went out to reduce sails, and the Emerald slowed to a gentler pace. A few hours later Jack was still squashed between excited passengers as the Emerald approached the quay. The Tasman Sea, North of Sydney, the same day. The Captain and the Doctor stood together, just close enough for Adi to overhear their conversation. ‘Let’s get this business behind us, and then with a couple of good size catches in the barrels we’ll still turn a good profit. We’ve been away too damn long and I miss the wife’s cooking,’ he added, with a quick glance to make sure the ship’s cook wasn’t nearby. ‘I’ll enjoy a bit of a stretch on dry land and the chance to look up a lady friend I haven’t seen for years,’ responded the Doctor. Adi had mixed emotions. The memories of the village and its demise still tormented him. The sounds of the rocks and debris smashing into the village, and the screams of his terrified people often intruded into his thoughts as he went about his tasks on the ship. He would throw himself into a task if the sounds and voices attempted to take over. The tragedy of losing everything he had caused him to question his relationship with his faith, bringing about a gradual loosening of his ties to the teachings of his past. Yet he retained the superstitions and beliefs of something much older. His crew mates sensed the darker side of his nature and left him alone to deal with his ‘demons’, knowing full well that they had a few of their own. In these times, the crew tended to leave him alone, as he gazed out over the ocean, looking towards some non-existent distant land. Adi also had a feeling of repressed anticipation about this new phase in his life. He had no idea of what the future held. The genial Captain had made it quite clear that he was welcome to stay as part of the crew and continue in his role as ‘helper’ to the doctor. Adi was unsure about this; especially in relation to his growing discomfort around the slaughtering of the whales. He felt a connection to them and could almost imagine their pain and suffering when the barbs of the harpoons entered their massive bodies. He decided to keep his feelings to himself in the short term. The tide was favourable for the Plymouth, with a gentle swell and a moderate breeze adding in its progress. Adi was impressed by the beauty of the huge harbour and his sprits lifted as a pod of dolphins played alongside the ship, reminding him of their bigger relations. His attention was diverted by the sight of a three-masted sleek ship that appeared from nowhere and passed the slower-moving Plymouth; the smoke from her engines billowing out behind her and as she moved towards the distant quay. Adi could hear the greetings of the crew as they shouted out and waved. Adi’s thoughts turned again, this time to his appearance. He had come aboard the Plymouth in the Sunda Straits in nothing but rags and only partly improved on this through the generosity of the crew and Captain. His smaller stature meant that he wore rather oversized garments that gave him the look of a badly attired scarecrow. The Doctor had let Adi know that the Captain intended to give the crew a portion of their pay and now that he was considered to be a crew member, then he too would receive payment. This further lifted Adi’s mood. By the time the Plymouth had reached the quay, Adi could see that there was a good deal of activity, including locals curious to see what was being unloaded and to greet friends on the ships. Adi had never seen so many white people in one place before. The occasional colonial official he had seen in his village was the extent of his contact. Adi noticed a few members of the constabulary keeping an eye on proceedings on the dock. The relationship between them and the public was not unnecessarily strained; indeed there was quite a lot of ribbing from members of Adi’s crew and the constables. The noise and smell of the dock area was a huge change from the clean air of the open ocean. A nearby tavern added to the mélange of odours and was attracting a regular column of hungry customers. The smell of roasting meat was enough to make Adi realise that he had not eaten fresh meat for quite some time.

Russian readers(s) back big time. Good--tell Putin to get out of Ukraine!

I am not saying that my Russian readers are not welcome. hell no. When people have links, sometimes the policies of their leaders are able to be changed, but in Russia's case, I very much doubt that his (Putin's) aim to take back as much of Ukraine as he can, will not vary. So, in spite of the military events unfolding in Eastern Ukraine, I say----- welcome back Russia. Perhaps our links can grow and transcend the foolery of our leaders.

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It's quite simple really---if you want to read Roskill for free!

OK, I get people wanting a freebie re Roskill. OK---go for it--just go and ask your local Library and if they don't have it (The latest edition, that is) request a copy. Ask for ROSKILL by Neil Coleman. I am getting a few sales from a library supplier so the library should be able to track one down or buy it. Suits me, suits you, Spread the word. Cheers Neil.

Xmas reading---special deal on Roskill and Talk To Me.

I am extending my special deal re ROSKILL and TALK TO ME. For a limited time and for the first 10 ‘takers’ I will supply Roskill AND Talk To Me for a total of $30 plus Postage and Packing. Talk To me is not available any other way. Roskill is of course still available on Amazon as a download or hard copy. Just click on the website address (you get a free download if you order a hard copy. If you use the link you will go straight to the download link for Roskill. Feel free to contact me direct on for special deals re larger lot deals.

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Roskill/Talk To Me--combo.

If you live in New Zealand, here is my special offer for the next few days. Get a hard copy of ROSKILL and a copy of TALK TO ME for $33,free delivery anywhere in NZ. For those if you outside NZ, you will need to go via my website for a hard-copy or download of Roskill. Talk To Me is only available in NZ. Happy reading.

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Top ten countries reading my blogs!

Who is reading my blogs? The top ten are: 1) USA 73,765 2) New Zealand 37,804 3) Russia 2394 4) Australia 2264 5) China 1496 6) UK 1177 7) Germany 564 8) Luxembourg 467 9) France 367 10)Ukraine 241 Now, go and read my book, Roskill. Download or order hard copy from

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18 months on from Bariatric Surgery--I could not have done this so easilly before.

Two years ago, I was a mess. My doctor told me that I probably wouldn't collect my pension at 65 because my health was heading 'south' at a rapid pace. You name it---I had it. As for exercise and moving much more than dragging myself once around the 'Bay' at Onehunga, with my Taliban-inspired terrorist Jack Russell--well, even that was starting to become more than a chore. I made every excuse to not take her to the bay, every lie to not go for a decent walk and no excuse for eating huge 'big breakfast specials.' Now 18 months after the date with the surgeon, life is totally different. Once I was 120 kilos--now I average about 77; before I had no interest in clothing fashion--because always shopping in the 'big boys section, where everything was always too long, because yes---I am a short arse! Forget shopping online for nice, fashionable stuff! There was another quite sad downside to being really big. Say what you like--be PC about it if you want---but PEOPLE TEND TO IGNORE YOU when you are huge! I can hear the rebuttals re my last statement, from people who haven't 'been there,' or have a vision of the world that doesn't match reality. Yes, I tried every diet that most of you are aware of and all I did was make firms that feed into the fitness and fatness industry---fatter re their profits and more sure of their lies. 'AT THE END OF THE DAY, it was over to me, with a bit of help from the surgeon---Bariatric Surgery. 18 months later, the health issues are not present and my life is anew with promise. I can even think of getting that camper van next year! I can climb into it without help. I can do my garden again, without drowning in sweat! So to celebrate the latter fact---I started my garden today. Now---in my backyard I have tomatoes, scallopini, flowers, beans and capsicums. These new friends will be joined later (when my brother delivers some new planters) by additional healthy options. I can't wait to see them grow and flourish, adding healthy foods to my daily regime. Now--all I have to do is care for them, nurture them, much like I now care about myself again. Perdy---keep your JR nose out of that container!

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Iran====wonder who is reading my blogs there!

I am always intrigued to see the number of countries reading my blogs. Sometimes a new one appears and if it is only one hit—I take that as meaning that the reader stumbled on my blog. It is when multiple hits occur that I realize that I have a new or ’some’ new readers in a particular country. Thus---when I see Iran appearing, I am pleased and I also wonder, given the fact that access may be problematic there especially when one reads about some of the other ‘curtailed’ freedoms in that country. Let’s face it---you would not want to fall foul of their ‘religious police,’ or come to the attention of various ‘State’ authorities charged with keeping the ‘people in order.’ So when I see readers from Iran, I hope that they are able to access my blogs in a safe way. My criticisms of various aspects of the Iranian leadership and the religious dogma that dominates Iran’s life, leads me to believe that reaching out to people everywhere would do a great deal to break down the mistrust that is so prevalent between nation states and their people. Welcome Iran and hopefully you can post some responses to my ravings. Go well.

Methamphetamine (P) continues to drag down everyone it comes into contact with!

Neil Coleman4 mins · Auckland · .Once again we see the strong influence of a nasty substance on the famous amongst us; on an icon who is much loved by many the world over. I am of course talking about the now infamous AC/DC star who has as a 'side-player' to his latest brush with the law, the scourge of so many towns and cities and at all levels of society---- the drug 'P.' Read about my take on how this can affect a familly, cuasing it to self-destruct. GO to or for an instant link to the download --- Maybe you want an even better deal with a sighned ciopy for someone you love for Xmas. Contact me direct at-- Neil Coleman | Author of Roskill and Talk to|By Neil Coleman

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I am sick of taking Losec for Acid Reflux---my solution---Manuka Honey.

Since having Bariatric Surgery my health has improved massively. Gone are Diabetes Type 2, high Cholesterol, blood pressure and sleep apnoea. My fitness level has improved and life is generally so much better. I just have one issue---Acid Reflux Disease. I had it before the operation and weight loss, but it will not go away. I take Losec but even with that I still have disturbed sleep. So---I am tyring out natural solutions; the first being Manuka Honey, the so -called miracle cure for many aliments. Why would I not try a 100% NZ Pure solution? I use one that has a rating of 10 but I shall step that up once this one runs out. Look out for the results.

Followers---I need you!

I would love you to become a follower, not because I have a desire to be some sort of weird guru or quasi-religious nutter, but simply to help spread the word re my books and blogs through your networks. As anyone reading my blogs and posts on FB would know, I am a self-published author and getting the word out there is problematic. Not for me the ‘gold-paved-big-house’ publishing road; no it is a very different story when you go alone down the self-publishing journey. One makes many mistakes and comes to conclusions that are not based on reality. The whole world is not wanting to read the books one writes and indeed the world of books is an ever changing one. Gone are the days when people line up for a new release, other than for the very top of the list writer or some publicity seeking ex-criminal or politician telling it all! NO---self-publishing means finding a good editor, excellent proof-readers, book designers, digital presentation experts and other professionals. One learns that trying to do these things on your own does not work. One good aspect about small printing runs means that errors that you don’t see when checking the final pre-print suddenly become apparent! Imagine if you had printed 10,000 copies. The worst I have done is to throwaway 100 books because they were simply not up to standard. I hope that people at the landfill did not find them! Once you have a book that is as close to perfect as you can get it, there is the distribution and publicist. That means more money thrown at a possibly lost cause. Even with magazine interviews and good article, plus radio interviews and even a slot on a popular TV show, one cannot expect immediate results. I have done all the above with ROSKILL, yet, still I am frustrated. At best I can put it all down to a rather expensive experience but I hope for more than that, hence my plea to you to become a follower and help me to fight the ‘big girls and boys’ of the publishing industry. I need to get the links to my website out there via your networks. I need some sort of SM flash mob approach. Only then will I see the stubbornly low sales figures rise from the depths in which they currently reside. Of course I need to thank the people who have so far done their best to help me. I wish also to say that I have may more books in me—waiting to hit the bookshelves or your reading Aps. Yes, I have succumbed to the modern way of getting books out there. Kindles are part of my life but I still love the feeling of a solid real book---but hey===one has to stay current re new ways of doing things. SO people, friends and aliens, if that helps! Lend me your eyes and your fingers. Push the links, hit my website and download, order and become a follower! Regards Neil Coleman—just marginally above the status of a wannabe author! or a direct hit on the Amazon site:

Hospital staff feeling unsafe re the actions of drunks!

The Herald reported today that the situation in some of our hospital re ‘drunks’ and various other ‘substance abusers’ has become intolerable. Staff and other patients are being put at risk. This is not a new story. I well remember hearing and reading about such occurrences many years ago. The days of a grumpy ‘sister’ being able to control the actions of badly behaved patients or their visitors have long gone. Hospitals have had security for quite some years but it appears that this is not enough now to prevent the behaviours that are becoming common place. We must find solutions or accept that it is just part of life now. Of course we cannot just cave in! The safety of all must be addressed. Organizationally, perhaps hospital need to look at an expanded role and better training for their security staff. Perhaps we need police stationed at all times in the problem spots where and when these events more commonly occur. The bottom line must be that when other patients and staff are either threatened or directly endangered, there must be a consequence for those behaving in this diabolical manner. Being ‘drunk or under the influence of a substance,’ cannot be used as an excuse, much like we do not let that happen (although one does wonder when some of the responses from judges are examined!) re other crimes that are committed. People makes choices---they drink, take substances that alter behaviours, then they must face up to their stupid decisions that end up endangering others and themselves. I am against user pays re health issues but I am not affronted by the idea of people who choose to go down the route of behaving in the ways we are seeing, having to pay for their ‘choices.’ We must keep our hospitals safe!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sons of Orpheus---the first three chapters is now on my website.

If you missed the first two chapters of Sons of Orpheus, just go to my website and scroll back to previous posts and I am sure you can find them. Don't forget to check out ROSKILL too, and either download it or orde rthe hard copy. If that sells, I shall keep putting up Sons of Orpheus, free!

Sons of Orpheus--Chapter 3. Sorry about formatting--it will improve!

SONS OF ORPHEUS Chapter 3. 3 Indonesian Sea Adi was struggling to keep up with his more heavily muscled crew mates. His shoulders felt like fire ants were attacking him; each sting testing and tempting him to give up. He feared that he would disgrace himself if the chase did not end soon. He could not see the whale as it continued its life and death struggle to elude the chase boat. Just as the whale resurfaced, the harpooner balanced himself to cast his vicious weapon with its back-facing barbs. The harpoon was unleashed with a concerted hurl. The whale had been in such encounters before; he remembered the long, slow deaths of pod members and the blood-red sea. Just as the harpoon was thrown, the beast veered slightly away from the whale boat. It was enough to avoid being hit directly, but the harpoon cut across the flesh behind the enormous head; not enough to take hold, but sufficient to cause injury and infuriate the whale. It stopped, as if it had hit a submerged object; turned on its tormentors and with an upward sweep of its tail, crashed down on the exhausted crew, forcing the boat under the boiling surface, emptying the crew into the ocean. The whale rapidly left the scene, making a dive for the depths to re-emerge well away from the shattered whale boat and floundering men. Luckily for the men, one of the other whale boats had left the chase of the other whales and was soon alongside the damaged boat. Adi was fortunate to be one of those holding on to the partly submerged boat. Three were soon lost under the surface, after struggling pitifully in the dark green swell. It was with great relief that Adi and his fellow survivors were dragged into the sister whale boat. Overloaded, it made its way precariously back to the Plymouth where the survivors were lifted to the deck under the gaze of the Captain. ‘Damn. That’s three good men and a lost whale to add to the damage from the storm. What else can you throw at us God!’ he shouted. The men nearby him chose to move away, rather than risk the wrath he felt. ‘The poor buggers got to tell their families. Glad that’s not my job,’ one of the men whispered. The news arrived that the third whale boat had been successful. While Adi and his crew were being rescued, the boat had harpooned another member of the pod, much to the relief of the Captain. The oil from the rendered blubber would soon join that already stored from earlier in the season before the storm forced them to shore in the Sunda Straits. The Captain watched as the whale was cut with the long knives and brought aboard. The air became thick with the oily black smoke and cloying aroma common to whalers. His sight was drawn to the far south, where he observed massive roiling cloud formations that caused foreboding memories of past battles in the Southern Ocean. ‘Get underway with as much speed as you can!’ he yelled. ‘And see what you can do about rigging up an extra sail where the mast was lost. I know it won’t be much, but we must get away from that storm to the south of us. It’s a real mean lookin’ bastard.’ ‘Aye aye Captain,’ answered his chief. South West Pacific Alex was once again on deck, even though he wasn’t on duty. He was having difficulty sleepy in the warm sultry conditions. At least there was a breeze on deck, coming from the south west. Sydney was still at least ten days away, unless the weather turned. Alex wandered towards the cook’s station, knowing that he was supposed to wait until he was scheduled for breakfast in a few hours, but he often used his good relationship with the cook to garner little extras. This morning was such an occasion. ‘Ere he is, comin’ to fill ‘is guts again.’ ‘It’s me who should be worried. God knows what’s in some of that bilge water you try to pass off as porridge,’ Alex shot back. ‘Oh well, as long as you is ‘ere then, you might as well have some of this ’ere bread I just made for the captin then eh.’ ‘Mmmm, that smells bloody lovely I must say,’ Alex replied as he took a bite of the warm yeasty bread. ‘Yeah, just don’t tell the captin’. He’s right damn selfish about ‘is precious bloody bread.’ ‘I’ll take your secret to my grave then, won’t I?’ ‘Oops, ‘ere he comes now, Make yourself scarce,’ the cook replied and pretended to make himself busy as the Captain walked in to the cramped galley. ‘The usual, cook,’ the Captain mumbled, almost inaudibly. He appeared to be in a grumpy mood. ‘Those buggers kept me awake last night.’ He directed an accusing glance at Alex. ‘Who would that have been?’ Alex enquired, although he already knew the answer to the Captain’s question. He too, had been at the celebration in the Officers’ mess. They had drunk far more than the usual King’s Tot the previous evening and had carried their party on for longer than the Captain usually allowed. He had retired just after mid-night and it was only when he had sent a message to the officers at three in the morning that the ship returned to a more peaceful state. By then, the damage had been done; the captain’s sleep had been cut short of what he considered appropriate. ‘I think a bit of extra drill won’t go amiss then, will it Lieutenant?’ the Captain said. ‘I want a mid-day gunnery drill. You can arrange that. Maybe we will all get some sleep tonight.’ The captain took his early morning treat and returned to his cabin. ‘Ope the bastard chokes on it then,’ the Cook whispered to a shocked Alex. Indian Ocean. ‘Get yourself below!’ screamed Captain Pickering. He had trouble making himself heard above the rising whine of the steadily increasing wind. The sea was a foreboding deep green in colour, reflecting the mood of the gathering clouds. As the last of his passengers stumbled below he was able to concentrate his thoughts on the task at hand. He knew his ship was well able to withstand most of what nature could throw at it and that he had an excellent crew. When events turned sour he knew that they would rise to the challenge. Past voyages with the majority of his present crew had given him a strong faith in their abilities. Nevertheless he felt a growing sense of uneasiness as he watched the waves building in strength and unpredictability. He also noticed the wind changing in direction and slowly concentrating its force from the northwest. He knew that they needed to drastically reduce the amount of sail power in order to maintain direction and control. Jack was amongst those scampering about the rigging. This was his first real storm, his first experience in his new capacity as a crew member. ‘Keep your wits about you boy!’ screamed Adams, his mentor. Adams had quite a soft spot for the young Irishman, who reminded him very much of his own son, now dead for three years after been cruelly murdered in a brawl Liverpool. ‘Hurry up Jack. Bring in those bloody sails before they rip their guts out!’ For Jack, the reality of their situation was rapidly dawning. This was not fun anymore. He could see the mountainous waves lining up to take their turn to destroy the Emerald. The wind had now become a constant scream, blocking out any further chance of hearing Adams shouting out instructions. Jack made a last desperate attempt to secure the flapping section of sail, achieving this just as a rogue wave hit the ship. The Emerald almost came to a standstill, shuddering as the wave smashed down on the deck. Jack watched helplessly as the green water swept across the deck, taking anything not tied down. He was not sure if everyone survived, but he was anxious to get down to the heaving deck as the wind did all in its power to shake him loose from the riggings. As the maelstrom gathered in strength, Jack began to lose confidence. He seemed to be frozen in place, wrapped around the mast as the sway of the ship moved him violently across a wide arch. He was unable to move as the terror of his situation stole his ability to react. His fingers lost all feeling as he struggled to hold on. Surely it would be better just to let go. As he was about to let his hold slip, he felt the grip of a hand on his shoulder. Adams had managed to manoeuvre himself to Jack’s side and he knew from the terror in the young man’s eyes that he was near to giving up and plunging into the surging sea or crashing to the decks below. ‘Fight it lad!’ Adams screamed. ‘Move your hands, one at a time. I am right by you—come on, make it slow.’ ‘I c- cant,’ Jack replied weakly. ‘You bloody well can or I’ll kick your ass to kingdom come. You think I have put my efforts into getting over here just to watch you give up? Come on boy, move it!’ Jack slowly moved one hand at a time and crawled down the mast, accompanied by Adams. From below an anxious Captain Pickering watched the drama unfold. He had become fond of the young Irishman, with his willingness to take on a wide range of tasks, often without being told. Jack reminded the Captain of his own lost son; drowned and his body never found several years before in an Atlantic storm. He was relieved when Adams finally encouraged Jack to make the last few yards to the deck. By now Jack was barely conscious and totally unaware of his whereabouts. His mind momentarily retreated to his past. ‘Sorry Da,’ he muttered incoherently. ‘The spuds are buggered. We gona starve for sure: what we-------do-sorry Da,’ he left unfinished. If Adams had not been holding him up he would have collapsed. ‘Take him to my cabin,’ instructed the captain. ‘He’s been through enough for a young lad.’ Adams lifted Jack like a sack of potatoes and stumbled his way to the nearby Captain’s cabin where he carefully placed Jack on the Captain’s cot. Jack was still mumbling, unaware that he was in the middle of a maelstrom, somewhere near the south eastern coast of Australia. For the next three days Jack barely woke, as a fever gripped his body; the result of his exposure to the lambasting winds he had been exposed to. Miraculously, he was the only casualty amongst the crew and for that the Captain was grateful. He sat in the chair in the sparse cabin and slept fitfully as he observed Jack thrashing around, in another world beyond the confines of the cabin. Jack’s mutterings added to the Captain’s knowledge of what the boy had been through in Ireland, sensing the loss of his family and the anger he felt towards his departed father. He was not the only one who watched over Jack. Jack had become something of a mascot to the crew. His cheery nature brought out something that softened the normally hard-headed attitude of many of the crew. In the meantime the Emerald continued to battle its way through the storm and after three days the winds finally abated, as if the storm had never occurred. The sturdy clipper was relatively unscathed, adding to the high regard with which it was held by the crew. By the Captain’s calculations, the Emerald was in the middle of the Great Australian Bight, having been driven before the storm, making much faster progress than it would have ordinarily achieved. Jack woke, alleviating the worries of the crew and captain. The superstitious men saw this as a good omen and their spirits rose accordingly. There was renewed hope that the Emerald would make Sydney much sooner, especially if the now favourable winds continued in their present pattern. The Arafura Sea. Adi was once again ensconced in his favourite position far above the gently swaying ship. The Plymouth was making its way east in the Arafura Sea, heading towards the Cape York Peninsula and the narrow Torres Straits that separate the Australian continent from the huge island of New Guinea. Adi loved to sit at the top of the ship in the crow’s nest, even when there was only a slight chance of sighting the tell-tale signs of a spouting whale. He had begun to have doubts about the slaughter of the majestic beasts. He secretly wished for more of them to escape the harpooners’ aim, but kept those feelings to himself. He had no wish to alienate himself from the crew or endanger the regard the Captain held for him. Doctor Thomas Rankin was another who had taken a liking to the young man and had taken it upon himself to teach Adi the rudiments of English along with reading and writing. Adi caught on remarkably quickly and he could easily claim to be better educated than the majority of the crew. Captain Smith turned a blind eye to the amount of time Adi spent in the cramped Doctor’s quarters. It came as no surprise to the captain when he received reports that Adi was assisting Doctor Thomas in his duties and that the crew seemed to accept this willingly enough. This newly found knowledge stimulated Adi to ever new discoveries in the world of medicine. Although quite different from the traditional medicine of his village, based on herbs and a good measure of superstition, he noticed some similarities. Adi liked to watch the Doctor as he mixed the potions he stored in a large cupboard. ‘These like mine in home,’ Adi said one morning, surprising the Doctor again at his steadily growing vocabulary. He looked up from his task. ‘Yes Adi; I am quite sure many of the potions I use are based on traditional herbs, along with the science of chemistry.’ ‘The Dutch----they bring new things from their home.’ Adi stopped, struggling to explain himself. ‘I want to learn much; reading, writing.’ ‘I know boy. Yes I know. You’re a good lad. You are catching on really well. Just be patient.’ Adi nodded; having vaguely understood the doctors meaning. He continued to watch and learn as the doctor mixed new medicines, explaining as he went. Bass Straits. ‘What the ‘ell are ya doing Jack?!’ the Cook yelled. He wasn’t really annoyed by Jack’s latest act of exuberance. Now that he was fully recovered, Jack had reverted to his usual fun loving behaviour. This time, he had pushed the Cook to his limits. ‘What’s that you put in the bloody porridge?’ It tastes like shit boy.’ ‘It’s just a bit of salt and some of that other stuff you showed me the other day,’ Jack replied sheepishly. ‘Christ boy----that’s bloody curry mix----you tryin’ to kill us then?’ The Cook burst out laughing. Tell ya what. Let’s serve it to the morning shift. That’ll get the buggers goin’ eh.’ Jack immediately cheered up at the thought of watching the men eating his creation. The Cook had often complained about having too much to do, so when Jack poked his head in to the galley one morning; it wasn’t long before he spent most of his time there. ‘All I get is moans and insults from the crew, so maybe you can share the load a bit, and the laughs when they sort you out eh?’ the Cook added. The Captain learned of Jack’s helpful attempts to learn the skills of the galley and subtly let it be known that he approved of this. Jack was able to spend more time in the galley and he began to learn many of the basic recipes that the overworked Cook willingly passed on. Ship’s biscuits, often riddled with weevils, pickled beef and pork, the occasional fresh meat and vegetables when the Emerald called at a port, were the main fare served to the crew. The Captain and officers fared a little better, depending on the willingness of the Captain to share his private stock. On this voyage such opportunities had proven few and far between, leading to a level of grumbling that naturally focussed on the Cook. Jack noticed this and commented one morning ‘Hey Dick---why don’t you make some bread, or use some of those other stores in the larder?’ ‘Ah, too much bother and they would still moan even if I did,’ Dick replied with a guilty look on his face. ‘Well teach me then you lazy bastard,’ Jack joked. ‘I don’t blame the poor buggers.’ ‘You’re getting to be a cheeky little sod aren’t ya? Well if you are that damn keen, get your arse into the larder and bring me some flour and I’ll show ya how to make some ship’s bread. And we’ll use some of that chicken carcass that was left over from the Captain’s table last night.’ The Emerald carried about a dozen hens in crates for eggs and occasionally the Cook killed one for the Captain. Dick showed Jack how to make simple ship bread, a process that Jack found soothing. He loved the feeling of the soft dough, squishing between his fingers as he kneaded it on the floured board. The Cook and Jack developed a comfortable working relationship, ranging from quiet moments, to noisier joke-filled episodes that often bordered on the obscene. Even the Captain smiled as he passed the busy galley. They boiled the remains of the carcass and threw in some chopped onions, carrots and a generous portion of dried herbs that the Captain had allowed them to use from his own stocks; purchased when he had gone ashore in Batavia during the last voyage. This was all thickened with some flour; the end result being passable gravy, that when served with ripped up bread made a welcome diversion from the normal ship fare. Jack relished both the chance to learn from Dick and to add to the boring ship fare.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

AeroPress Coffee Maker--does it work?

I purchased an AeroPress Coffee Maker about 6 months ago. I had been using an Italian coffee maker and I was happy with it. The only down side was that I had to take to the ‘doctor’ every year to get things done---as you do and that was getting quite expensive. Indeed, one could say that I could have brought one of the cheaper ones for the same amount that I was spending every year and just chuck the old one away. So---when I was told about the AeroPress I decided to take the plunge. I purchased it online with the bits that came with it (filters etc.) for about NZ$75 delivered. I watched the online video and I was soon making acceptable coffee and with the addition of the Frother from another company I was more than happy. I would rate it as almost as good as the machine I was no longer using. The AeroPress CM makes a product that is not quite a real espresso but better than a plunger style coffee. That was until a favourite barista I go to told me some secrets. I had read that it was not really possible to get a good ‘crema’ on the coffee but that would not affect the taste. How wrong I was to believe that! Using the following method, I have come to the conclusion that I will sell the Italian machine and not buy a really expensive product. The AP is more than match for most coffees I get at cafes. Grind your coffee beans as you would for the coffee machines. Remember it is not a ‘plunger so it has to be the fine grade. Boil the water but add a little cold so that it is between 70C and 90C. Slowly add the water to the coffee in the receptacle—not in the screw in part. Wet the filter. Let the coffee brew for about 2 minutes, string a bit, while the milk is frothing in the Frother, if you want a Flat White as we call it in NZ and Aussie!’ Now, pour the coffee into the receptacle and let that sit for a few seconds then apply the pressure, pushing down slowly. If you have done it right, there will be a lot of crema. Yes it does dissipate fairly quickly but the result is superb. Make sure you source really good beans, like the ones I get from Eden Coffee! I am not going back to the expensive espresso machines. This one is great to take on a trip. I cannot be without good coffee and the savings I make whilst on holiday by making my own coffee are fantastic. Go and experiment with your AP.