Sunday, November 30, 2014

Russia and the USA have much in common!

Rubbish, you say. How can two nations, with very different histories, one purporting to be the bastion of freedom and the other a failed Communist nation , ruled by gangsters, have any similarities?. I leave it to you decide the vagaries of such distinctions, but there are a few points I would like to highlight. Both nations have vast differences in the distribution of wealth; one with former 'friends' of the 'former' ruling party having been 'given' the assets once belonging to the state and the other arriving at the same position simply through the system that allows such acquisitions on a vast scale. In one country it is called the military/industrial complex and in the other, nothing more than former 'state' employees and oligarchs having such wealth. (I make no apology for the overuse of that word) In both countries, millions struggle to maintain a dignified life, with access to health, housing and good education a mere dream. In both countries the media is controlled by a narrow range of interest groups and in one case the State plays the dominant role. Both countries embark on foreign adventures, simply badly disguised attempts to keep the influence of the described groups at the forefront. Both have a wealth of medical experts, but they cut the access to such services, leaving a significant number of citizens without adequate health care. The differences are those of geography, culture and language; the similarities are easily describable!

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