Friday, May 30, 2014

Let us drive you, tourists or pass a driving test! NO more deaths.

Is it time to seriously concider putting some restrictions of foreign tourists driving on NZ roads? The tragic death of yet another tourist, probably unfamiliar with NZ driving conditions, which may be a combination of driving on the 'wrong side'  of the road or not managing our narrow country roads.
We do not want to see any more deaths, either of the tourists or NZers who needlessly die because  the visitor has crossed to the other side of the road.
No doubt the hirers of rental cars and campervans will object to a tightening up re foreign drivers, but there is another way of looking at this: see an opportunity! Perhaps a whole new employment venture could arise for good 'Kiwi' drivers, escorting tourists or giving  driving lessons to those who insist on 'self-guided' tours. Either way the carnage must not continue. We do not wish to welcome people here, only to have them kill themselves --or us--on roads that do not suit the driving habits of our visitors.

Border Control finds several Kilos of 'precursors for 'P' (methamphetamine) manufacturing--the scourge continues.

The NZ customs department is very active in finding the precursors for 'P' manufacturing as the criminals try to bring it in to NZ, much of it unfortunately from China. These people attempt many ways to achieve their aims and no doubt a great deal still gets through. The low life people behind the trade, both in New Zealand and China will go to great effort to hide the red pellets that are necessary for the process. New Zealand Chinese officials cooperate to try to minimise the trade, but we would be foolish to assume that that we are even close to stopping it completely. Those caught in China face extremely harsh punishment and it would not be difficult to find New Zealanders who would agree with that 'ultimate price.' Whilst I can't quite go that far in my thinking, I do abhor the activities of these criminals who destroy so many lives in NZ.
In New Zealand, those 'precursors' are used to 'cook' the final product that then sells for a huge profit for those who are engaged at different levels of the illicit trade. There would not be a suburb, town or area in New Zealand where one of these 'P' labs could not be found. They could be next door, in in the flat you rent out as an investment or even in upmarket penthouse apartments; no where is free from this evil scourge.
For those who enter this dark world, life changes, sometimes for ever. The users put the family business, their actual families and relationships at risks. The desire to get that 'fix' takes over their lives; nothing else matters. That their children can be left without a parent matters little as they sink to new depths.
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