Friday, May 30, 2014

Let us drive you, tourists or pass a driving test! NO more deaths.

Is it time to seriously concider putting some restrictions of foreign tourists driving on NZ roads? The tragic death of yet another tourist, probably unfamiliar with NZ driving conditions, which may be a combination of driving on the 'wrong side'  of the road or not managing our narrow country roads.
We do not want to see any more deaths, either of the tourists or NZers who needlessly die because  the visitor has crossed to the other side of the road.
No doubt the hirers of rental cars and campervans will object to a tightening up re foreign drivers, but there is another way of looking at this: see an opportunity! Perhaps a whole new employment venture could arise for good 'Kiwi' drivers, escorting tourists or giving  driving lessons to those who insist on 'self-guided' tours. Either way the carnage must not continue. We do not wish to welcome people here, only to have them kill themselves --or us--on roads that do not suit the driving habits of our visitors.

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