Thursday, August 21, 2014

John Key is getting the speed wobbles!

Mr Key has accused ‘others’ of stealing the election.’ He also says it is all a ‘left-wing conspiracy.’ Sure the left wing is attempting to ‘end your rule’---nothing ‘conspitorial’ about that, Mr Key, but your first piece of verbal refuse is just like saying----‘I poured petrol on the fire and it burnt my eyebrows.’ Get real mate. To put it another way—‘you throw crap at the fan, it may well splatter back on to your visage----so—OMG---how can I say this----‘At the end of the day,’ ----you get what you give. I am sure everyone will have their own favourite saying re your utterings.

Mr Key has so many 'explanations!'

Sometimes one can almost feel sorry for politicians as reporters and their political foes attempt to trip them up re various issues---well almost-----but when the PM consistently comes up with a myriad of explanations and excuses over an important issue, in this case the integrity of the position he holds as Prime Minister, then how can we feel anything less than extreme doubt as to his overall honesty? John Key has flipped and flopped his way through the revelations that Nicky Hager has brought up in his book. That there is a great deal of truth in the allegations is well illustrated by the body language alone and more specifically by the attempts to cover up. Now we have a total plethora of deceptions, near lies and outright lies. Maybe the PM should take a leaf put of the Leader of the Opposition in Australia and come clean and let the law and the public decide as to the ‘honesty’ of his arguments. Hell if one believes the polls at present, then he has not taken the huge hit his opponents would like so what’s he got to fear other than fear itself? We have a month to sort this issue out so that we can vote on the other issues affecting New Zealanders; the ones that affect even more NZers than the mere ‘integrity of ‘he’ who would lead us for three more years. Both strands are important. Let’s get this done and dusted and concentrate on jobs, housing, education, health, the environment and the vision of a New Zealand that is far kinder than the one brought to us courtesy of John key and his cohorts!