Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You naughty Australians---off with your heads!

The prank by an Australian Radio station has caused more than a ripple in the UK, ranging from mild amusement to outrage. To have impersonated the Queen and Charles and then carried it off raises some questions about the lack of security at the hospital involved and has no doubt embarrassed not only the Royal Family, but the hospital involved.
I feel for the nurses who took the calls and in the first instance wonder at their naivety but then I again, who is going to challenge someone who sort of sounds like the two Royal Family members? Perhaps the event has brought about a kick in the arse review of future hospital stays for anyone in the said family.
Having listened to parts of the ‘call in,’ I can’t help smiling at the crazy callers. The accent for Charles was pretty damn good while the Queen’s one was a little bit hard to believe. Listening to the comments made by the callers, leads me to believe that the hosts were surprised at how easy it all was. They have since apologized, but I for one have found the stunt more on the funny side and if it serves to change procedures in the future, no harm has been done and one hell of a lot of smiles have occurred re  the actions of our Aussie cousins. Hey, why don’t you call our PM and have him on---you know something about ‘invading New Zealand unless we become the newest State in Australia.’ Chuck in few ‘Sheep jokes; while you are at it!