Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dog agility classes for Perdy?Is she up to it?

Today was Perdy's big day out;  no, not  'Big Gay Out; that was last week, but she certainly had an old fashioned gay old time. We were invited to my cousins house way up in the Waitakere Ranges (1200 metres above sea level, I am told) where the trees meet the sky. In all the many years I have known my cousins, I had never been to their home. Yes, we used to visit a lot when we were kids and they lived in Whangarei, but as we became adults, we only saw one another at weddings and funerals. Once our parents died, it seems that we are doing what the afore mentioned loved ones always wanted; we have started to rebuild the contact and I am so glad that we have.
Today was just wonderful; it was about us and equally about finding out whether Perdy would make the grade re 'agility training.' It seems that she does, with a capital 'D!'
Once we had taken a walk through the surrounding native bush, past the huge Kauri Tree and after a quick dip in a tiny but crystal clear stream, we tried her out on a few basics, with my cousin showing us the way. (They have all we needed in the form of their own agility course in their backyard) Yes, she was on  a lead and we didn't have rewards but she certainly indicated that she is ready and willing to try. Her tail wagged the whole time and the only glitch was the tunnel; that is going to take encouragement and a building of confidence and we shall achieve that by joining a nearby 'agility club.' Watch out for the reports that will no doubt come from this source as to her progress. Right now she is zoned-out on the couch! Way to go, Perdy girl. You are an awesome Jack Russell.
The Kauri tree that 'launched a thousand ships, but now endangered. Not by Perdy though!

Ukraine----please 'make it happen!'

his is your chance. Levels heads must rule and the USA, Russia and the UE---stay out of it! The Ex PM is out of prison and the incumbent must step down and get out of politics. His opulent mansion is open for Ukrainians to see what he has spent precious resources on. There is a real chance that Parliament can lead. Take this opportunity to rebuild your proud nation, Ukraine, free of dominance from the two power brokers (maybe 3). To those extremist on the streets who would use violence to achieve results that are not wanted by the majority: pull your heads in. Your actions are not needed and it was never clear where your actions were leading other than for a violent future, possibly driven by those outside your country who wish only to destabilize Ukraine and then use that as an excuse to 'intervene' for their own purposes.
Take this chance Ukraine and may you have the peace you so desperately need. To the old president----get out and stay out. Go to your 'friend,' to the East!