Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ukraine----please 'make it happen!'

his is your chance. Levels heads must rule and the USA, Russia and the UE---stay out of it! The Ex PM is out of prison and the incumbent must step down and get out of politics. His opulent mansion is open for Ukrainians to see what he has spent precious resources on. There is a real chance that Parliament can lead. Take this opportunity to rebuild your proud nation, Ukraine, free of dominance from the two power brokers (maybe 3). To those extremist on the streets who would use violence to achieve results that are not wanted by the majority: pull your heads in. Your actions are not needed and it was never clear where your actions were leading other than for a violent future, possibly driven by those outside your country who wish only to destabilize Ukraine and then use that as an excuse to 'intervene' for their own purposes.
Take this chance Ukraine and may you have the peace you so desperately need. To the old president----get out and stay out. Go to your 'friend,' to the East!

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