Friday, January 25, 2013

Just because you are bigger than me, don't go getting ideas eh!

So you're are a big bitch--so what---You forget my breeding--I'm a Jack Russell! No one---yes, no one bullies me. I can get you from all directions, all at once, so there. I get you when you least expect it, in areas you didn't know existed; parts of your body that you havn't even sniffed. As for your size---what a laugh. That just means there's more for me to bite. Of course there's the other issue that I am quite shy about admitting---my Jack Russell brains.

I sat on my reading glasses---damn!

Don't sit on your glasses. They are meant to go on your head not your butt. However, there is an upside to the fore mentioned act of destructive sitting; firslty i can really get away with bad typing, because I cna't see what I am doing and I have an excuse to go and buy a new pair. Let's face it, I have had these glasses for 20 plus years and I don't think 'Humpty Dumpty' can be put together again.
It really is time to move on and at the same time, get two pairs of glasses. The pari I have been using at school was either from the Two Dollar Shop or the Warehouse, plus it onbly had lone arm--- not a good look. I suspect my clients think I am underpaid.
I have booked an appontmnet at Spec Savers in New Lynn andonce I mentiomned I was over 60, I was told there is a discount. Being a member of AA also attracks more discount so I'm on to a winner. I shall therefore take Perdy for a walk, then head on donw to my apponment with amnore appropriate and probably more correct form of vision. See--- adversity does lead to new pathways!
YOu can all do the speelcheck. Stuffed if I know what I wrote. Perhaps Perdy can proofread it.

I got a good deal from Spec Savers. Free test plus discount---2 pairs of dual stage glasses for $369. I went for 'function not fashion.' Well pleased with service and product.