Monday, September 29, 2014

The 'ex-president of Afghanistan's new haircut!

I know---I am being mean---but I just could not resist it! I was watching the news and I froze that picture and used my camera to take this picture from the TV and it made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Look closely at the President's head.LOL

China blocks the images coming out of Hong Kong--why?

The Chinese Government is not known for encouraging criticism of its hold on power. Those occasions when the citizens of China have tried to show their displeasure re the hold the regime has on them, quickly prove that a harsh response is always the 'order' for the day. Hong Kong has a quite different history from that of the rest of china; one that takes into account the freedoms that many other countries enjoy. Thus, when the citizens hit the streets in a manner resembling the 'Occupy Wall Street' type of political action, the Chinese Government is loath to let the rest of China see the pictures of 'polite chaos,' appear on TV screens or indeed any form of social media. I am a little surprised though that the 'action' is not out there on some social media sites. Such is the efficiency of the Chinese Government to curtail real freedom. I do understand that the Government does not want 'contagion,' a type of political Ebola,' that could start a movement that would be difficult to stop. China has always put the position of the Communist party as a paramount base of society and that order and state (for who?) being the major force in China. Hong Kong may be in for a dangerous time as the Chinese Government decides to step in and restore 'Order.' Stay safe ,people of Hong Kong! You are in for a major 'reaction from your poetical overloads!