Friday, October 11, 2019

'P' (Methamphetamine) is the new Opium War.

In the mid-19th Century, the Opium Wars were fought between theGreat Qing and the British and the latter imposing the trade of opium upon China. The result was the compromising of China's sovereignty and economic power. It wasn't until the Revolution under Mao, that China finally threw off the last vestiges of Western Colonialiization.
For the last 30 years, (maybe more) the Chinese have arrived at a point where their economy rivals that of the super-power, the USA, probably surpassing it. The future is one in which the USA and it's 'allies' will not be the 'only show in town.' The cultural dominance of the USA showcased in many formats is being increasingly challenged. The shift is increasing in complexity, driven by the economic power of China. Whilst the military supremity of the USA is still a fact, that too is becoming a challengeable proposition, the gap is narrowing. To maintain it's 'top Dog position, the USA is having to divert resources from other sectors of its economy, and that will and is having dire consequences for many vulnerable Americans.
The current 'Trade War,' between the USA and China can only add to the tension between the two nations. The more 'resilient' will be 'the stronger' survivor. The populace of China is possibly in a position where they are more compliant to the direction the leadership 'dictates,' and the leadership of China is m0ore ensconced to holding power.
There is another 'player' in this struggle, and it is a direct repetition of history, only this time, the 'worm has turned.' A new Opium War(s) is being fought, not militarily, but in the dark underworld of'substances. It is not 'provably' State-sponsored,  but it could well have the same dire consequences of the Opium Wars, the breakdown of society and an imposition on nations' finances, as they attempt to stop the flow of the 'new opium.'
China is not the only source of the prerequisites or 'ready to use,' 'P'(Methamphetamine) but it is the major player. New Zealand is not the only recipient. The seizure of MDA, and the fully cooked 'P,' at our (and other nations') borders, is a regular front-page news item. Those benefitting, are not just the gangs, but 'reportedly other groups and individuals, spanning many sectors of our society.
The spread of this scourge has long been documented, reaching into all of our towns and cities. The cost of families, individuals, businesses is massive.
One only needs to go beyond the headlines in our papers and news outlets, and take a look at online discussions, to realize how insidious "P' has become. The suffering is endemic. The loss of hope, the crime related to 'P' is incredibly destructive, (although many would say alcohol is right up there too)ripping families apart and destroying lives. No sector of society is immune to its evil reach. Politicians promise, fail, making false claims or using the 'P' Crisis' to lambast their political foes, whilst the damage spreads. It has been cynically used by others to dishonestly gain; for example in the 'P-testing ' of homes, that did not need such desperate interventions.
We know how 'P' is easily purchased. Indeed, the price has fallen to a point that it is cheaper than 'Pot.'
The market has been flooded by massive amounts of MDA from China. China has a 'take-no-prisoners-that-live,' approach, brutally eliminating those who are caught in possession or trading. That so much 'product' flows beyond its borders is the new Opium War. They fight 'the good war' within their borders,' only publicly and occasionally featuring the punishment of those involved in sending the scourge abroad ... just enough to pay lip-service to stamp out the practice..
In the meantime, we face the costs on a daily basis.
It is for that reason that I wrote my book, ROSKILL, a few years ago. Roskill is the story of a family in crisis, facing the loss of their father, husband and hope. Roskill is also a journey of hope; that we can fight the demons within us. It tells a story that all teens and parents should read.
Some libraries have the book. Ask if they do not. (Roskill, by Neil Coleman).
You can purchase it directly from me (the cheapest option, but even less expensive, is the online version. Just go to my website. ( Just click on Neils Books and follow the links. While you are doing this, check out Talk To Me (Finalist in the  Ngaio Marsh Crime Writers Awards, a few years ago.)
Let's fight this battle together. China suffered in the past, through actions of Western powers. Wars in all formats have no winners!