Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is MS Parata National's sacrificial----

I do not want to be labelled as totally unbalanced when I espouse my views in my blogs. I sometimes veer to the left and find myself returning to a distant past when  I was often to be found demonstrating, marching and counting out 1,2,3,4,--we don’t want your ---- you know the rest--- lots of causes filled in the remainder of the ditty.
In the interest of balance I would like to say something about Ms Parata. She is most definitely the sacrificial goat, cow or whatever descriptor takes your fancy. This is not to say she is not a decent person. She has done well and even though the cynical amongst us would say that she has risen to her political zenith because she is Maori--- yes I have heard that----then we are not totally correct. She undoubtedly has ability, drive and a passion to better the position of Maori and Pacifica children in our education system.
But I wonder at her blind acceptance of the advice she has been given. Now that she is embarked in a battle with just about every stakeholder in Education, she is showing some cracks. The next few months is either going to see her win and gain more kudos, but the more likely scenario will see her removed from her position and be replaced by another battler. Even Gerry  ‘Finland insulter’ would have trouble defending the policies around Charter Schools, cutting funds but using theory to disguise what is plain old fashioned cost cutting.
So, Ms Parata, I personally do not mean to insult you and I shall receive comments that I am going ‘soft’ on you and that we need to increase the pressure on you more. The fact remains, your demise will do nothing to achieve the outcome we seek, but merely transfer the pseudo-leadership to another misinformed fool.
Go well, Ms Parata; I am sure you have a future, but not as Minister of Education.