Saturday, May 23, 2015

She is a 'nuclear spring.' She is a Jack Russell!

Sometimes I wonder what Jack Russells are made of. Well, at the very least they can be described as a 'nuclear spring,' one that winds up whilst resting, and even that state is to say the least, perilously close to 'non-sleep!' Yesterday was one of those days, when one just does not want to go out; indeed, I spent the majority of the day inside, happily reading, watching TV, doing a few minor chores and watching the rain, smacking against the neighbours'' roofs. Perdy, for her part, slept, checked out the weather and even when I took her to the bay, for a few minutes of running and a quickly paced poo--under the bloody fence of course, then she was back in the car, heading towards home, where the 'nuclear clock' added up a debt---that just had to be paid at some stage. Today the weather took a more kind character, allowing us to head on down to the bay. Perdy exploded out of the car and headed onto the sand, leaping with joy, exuberant to the max, a definite smile on her face. Any dog, yes ANY, was her friend. She sniffed , jumped, cavorted, ran those crazy circles, attracting attention from afar and chased her ball. She couldn't get enough--it was endless. I wondered if she would ever tire! Well--she didn't, but at least she released some of that pent up energy, that tension that if left to 'boost,' is stuff made for chaos--once one returns home. Thank goodness, she is now resting in the couch, awaiting another manic run this afternoon. Better enjoy it little girl, because nest week I may not be taking you anywhere, depending on wether I am selected for the actual Jury service. My dog walking neighbour will of course take you for a turn around the block, but nothing beats the bay. It's all about the 'Bay' and that beautiful little beating heart that loves to run.