Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stop the sale of K2 in dairies---it's easy!

The claims that K2 (yet synthetic cannabis) is even worse than ‘pot’ and ‘P’ are alarming. The fact that your local dairy may be selling this nasty ‘newbie’ makes the situation that much worse. I have a simple message. Talk to your friendly dairy owner and suggest that he or she shows the sign that featured on the news that clearly states that the shop DOES NOT SELL SYNTHETIC CANNABIS. If they are unwilling to do this then blacklist them. Make it obvious that you are doing so and ask your neighbours and friends to do the same.

I know that sales will continue ‘underground but the least we can expect from our ‘local’ shop is to play a part in positive community health. No one should be adding to their income by selling these dangerous substances. Hell, we have enough of the legal ones without adding to our problems.

Give them a few weeks to abide by your collective pressure, then deliver the ultimate sanction----‘withdraw your support!

I will be able to eat this again---in small quantities

Take a look at what Rio just cooked. OK, I can't eat it at the moment, but I will in the future. The dish is Indonesian Nasi Goreng (fried rice). I know it is yummyn to the max. I am exerting total self-control. Rio says---'this is my way of supporting you---testing your resolve!' The cruel bugger! But he's right. If I can sit and watch him eat that while I munch on yet another 'Optitrot'  bar, then I can achieve anything.
Home made Nasi Goreng.

My Beautiful sub-tropical fruit---can't wait to eat them!

I only have a small garden area, that I have to share with my 'explosively behaved' Jack Russell, Perdy. One thing she can't dig up or destroy is my collection of sub-tropical fruit tress. Thank God that they are beyond even her wildest endevours. Take a look at my pictures of bananas, Cherimoya (some mistakenly call them custard apples), Cassimiroa (these are actually custard apples) and feijoas. I alos have a mandarin tree, a lemon/lime dual tree and a kaffir lime tree. I use the leaves for cooking although I also like the very bitter taste of the fruit.
If you are wondering how NZ can grow such fruit trees---take a look at the map and you will see that Auckland is just below the edge of the sub-tropical climes and with 'climate change,' well--- you know the rest--at least those of you who believe in that 'concept.'
Cassimiroa (custard apples)

But why don't you try 'calorie control?'

All I can say initially when I hear someone say---‘why don’t you control the calories you eat and then you won’t have to take that dramatic step you are taking?’ is----well WTF do you think I have tried for the last 30 bloody years!?

Yeah, crude I know, but true! I have been there done that and exhausted all reasonable regimes; the ‘fad,’ well thought one ones---you know the ones from the ‘fitness, weight-loss industry that sucks billions of dollars from ‘followers’ pockets worldwide each year. So many of them are based on dishonesty and in the very least--- ‘failed science.’ I go back to something I have said so many times.

‘How many fat people over 40 have you seen who have lost weight and kept it off---indefinitely?’ Be honest and don’t just focus on the very few who you do know. Remember the many others who have just continued their ‘yo-yo dance with fat,’ and gone on to develop all the illnesses that go with that deadly dance.

I have been called weak (maybe I am), selfish, (we all have a bit of that in us) greedy and possessing an ‘eating disorder.’ I can probably go along with the latter. Either way, I have reached a time when, enough water has flown under my bridge to make me think that time is running out. I have to cut the source of the water and stem the flood. OMG---what a lot of crap!

Today, less than a week before my operation, a source very close to where I live told me to do an ‘ethnic’ diet (one that has existed for a few thousand years) and to basically ‘calorie control’ my intake. She was very concerned at my ‘extreme solution.’ I respect her opinion and her offer of support. If only all neighbours for all of us were the same---would we not have a better world?

OK---off to break open yet another Optifast bar for lunch. I am so over them!