Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stop the sale of K2 in dairies---it's easy!

The claims that K2 (yet synthetic cannabis) is even worse than ‘pot’ and ‘P’ are alarming. The fact that your local dairy may be selling this nasty ‘newbie’ makes the situation that much worse. I have a simple message. Talk to your friendly dairy owner and suggest that he or she shows the sign that featured on the news that clearly states that the shop DOES NOT SELL SYNTHETIC CANNABIS. If they are unwilling to do this then blacklist them. Make it obvious that you are doing so and ask your neighbours and friends to do the same.

I know that sales will continue ‘underground but the least we can expect from our ‘local’ shop is to play a part in positive community health. No one should be adding to their income by selling these dangerous substances. Hell, we have enough of the legal ones without adding to our problems.

Give them a few weeks to abide by your collective pressure, then deliver the ultimate sanction----‘withdraw your support!

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