Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Beautiful sub-tropical fruit---can't wait to eat them!

I only have a small garden area, that I have to share with my 'explosively behaved' Jack Russell, Perdy. One thing she can't dig up or destroy is my collection of sub-tropical fruit tress. Thank God that they are beyond even her wildest endevours. Take a look at my pictures of bananas, Cherimoya (some mistakenly call them custard apples), Cassimiroa (these are actually custard apples) and feijoas. I alos have a mandarin tree, a lemon/lime dual tree and a kaffir lime tree. I use the leaves for cooking although I also like the very bitter taste of the fruit.
If you are wondering how NZ can grow such fruit trees---take a look at the map and you will see that Auckland is just below the edge of the sub-tropical climes and with 'climate change,' well--- you know the rest--at least those of you who believe in that 'concept.'
Cassimiroa (custard apples)

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