Sunday, January 25, 2015

Who says tofu is boring--take a look!

Many people say that tofu is boring; the realm of hippies or health freaks. I don't give a stuff about those labels: all I know is that it is a healthy, tasty dish and hey---it's so damn cheap--that's got to be a plus. So---how does one cook it so that it is -----appealing?' OK---slice it into slabs as pictured and marinade it for an hour or so in your favourite sauces. I used, Sweet chilly, black bean and some extra oil. Now, while that is marinading, chop up some veggies. It so happens In had some mushroom, red pepper and some yellow courgette from my garden. Add some slat, pepper, sesame oil and herbs from the garden (OK--sue some dried herb mix). Now---light the BBQ and stick the veggies in a little tray and let them cook. Cook the marinaded tofu in the marinade on the BBQ--I used one of those Teflon strips. Look at the pictures---words are not needed!