Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Tis the season to be jolly--- but that doesn't mean treating those who work in retail, hospitality and other sectors like crap!!!!

OK People---let's all get into the spirit of Xmas. Oops---Merry Xmas first. None of that Happy holidays from me, because Xmas is Xmas. Thank goodness, we are still a bit old fashioned in New Zealand and so far the PC brigade have not won--as I see they are increasingly showing in the 'Old Country!' Now---to the real point of this blog: Take a moment and think about how you are 'interacting with those who get to 'serve you this Xmas; be it in retail, hospitality or other sectors. Often they are the poorly paid, sometimes working under contracts that I will loosely call---'Zero Hour contracts,' where they are treated in a way that we had thought was consigned to history. It feels like all of the gains made via union struggles are under attack. Have a thought for the over-worked retail assistant or the person who cleans our room at the hotel you are staying. Don't treat them like servants; don't abuse them! It is not their fault that the firm they are working for is too mean to employ enough staff, or puts unreasonable demands on their staff.Try being a little more patient when you get that feeling that your 'needs' are not being met. The workers at the 'coal face' are NOT the ones making the decisions about staffing levels, or working conditions: that is left to those higher up, with management. Spread a bit of joy, instead of ripping into the person 'attending you.' Smile and hey---you might even receive one back. Merry Xmas everyone.