Sunday, July 8, 2018

My first ever 'presentation to the local Community Board. An exercise in democracy.

I have never participated in a Local Body Council Meeting. Today I presented an issue at the Community Board for Thames. I was made welcome and I felt that I was listened to. As to whether my proposal goes forward successfully ... time will tell.

Here is my 'presentation.'


Currently there is no off leash fenced dog park in Thames. Those areas off-leash (for certain times of the year) are near bird colonies and roads.
Sure, that is fine for many dogs, but even with strict oversite from responsible owners, many dogs tend to take off, venturing onto neighbouring properties and roads, endangering themselves and drivers who try to avoid them.
We need a safe area where dogs can ‘stretch their legs,’ and run safely. Examples of this exist in Te Kauwhata and Cambridge.
Two areas come to mind. The area that is already off-leash, just behind Seagull’s or part of Kurannui Bay. It would be relatively easy to fence off a section, with double gates to ensure safe and easy access. Doggie dumping facilities with bags already exist at the entry to both areas.
There seemed to be good support on the Facebook post I put up recently. I suggest that community contribution re ‘keeping a watch’ and reporting any issues, would be strong. Fund raising could also be undertaken, which would help to give ‘ownership and maintenance’ of the area.

With thanks

Neil Coleman

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