Sunday, December 14, 2014

'ANZACs' need to stick together! The 'Ditch' just got narrower!

I wonder if my fellow Kiwis are wondering if the 'Ditch' just got a bit narrower, re the events unfolding in Sydney. As I prepare to take Perdy for a walk, I am pondering how close the ISIS threat has just become and how it is a bit more real. I also wonder why we are possibly going to enmesh ourselves more deeply in the sad happenings in the ME. I say---stay out and concentrate on helping people in our neck of the woods. NZ is a tiny nation at the bottom of the South Pacific, not some wannabe 'big player' trying to bat outside our capabilities. Yes, we support Aussie as we always have, but---please Government---do not put us in a position that brings the big nasty eye of these criminals to NZ! Stay safe Aussie cousins.

Japan's voters stay at home---they get what they deserve---a Government that they don't even like!

Just over 52% of Japan's voters bothered to turn out to vote. As a result Abe has returned, easily and he will be able to go forward with his 'questionable' policies. These low figures are much worse than those we have been criticising in New Zealand for our recent elections. But the scenario is the same. If people do not like Government policies, they have little to moan about if they choose not to vote. For those who say that is a way of getting a message to an unpopular Government, I say---Rubbish. You had your chance and surely you could have supported a political party that was more likely to represent your views. Now, Japan and New Zealand have much in common--apathy!

Assembling a BBQ and drugs! And a Russian TV programme!

What the hell does a BBQ have to do with a Russian TV programme about drugs? Only I could make such a tenuous link. OK---I was supposed to be assembling a BBQ I brought on Trade Me. Anyone who knows me will either be smiling or throwing up their hands in despair. I very quickly gave up the 'assembly game, and concentrated on soeht9ng more interesting. Hell, I would only destroy the BBQ and anyone trying to fix the results of my efforts would use language far worse than that emanating from my mouth, soon after unpacking the aforementioned BBQ. I am not made for such endeavours. SO---I turned on ALJAZEERA and there was a programme from Russia about the plight of a young woman, married to a drug addict. He regularly beat her and the young son; destroying the lives of his child and wife. She feared him, she loved him but that was turning to a loathing. She felt trapped and only stayed alive for her boy. The police were useless an it was only the intervention of a social worker and a TV documentary that offered any help. The above scenario could be replicated in New Zealand; the hopelessness is the same, whatever the country or setting. When a partner in a marriage delves not the dark world of substance abuse, the lives of his or her family are at risk. The family members become enmeshed in the hopelessness of the situation and it is only when they reach out and get real help that things can change. The 'agencies, both Governmental and non-Governmental are there but hey are under resourced, in most countries the results vary. Please check out my book ROSKILL, which tells the story of a family in crisis, in New Zealand. It could be anywhere; Russia, the USA, in any town or city, in any family. ROSKILL is a story of hope, where the family felt there was none! You can download it or buy the hard-copy from my website. Just follow the links at the bottom of the page. ROSKILL will make a great XMAS or New year's present. Please share this post. Merry Xmas from New Zealand!