Sunday, December 14, 2014

'ANZACs' need to stick together! The 'Ditch' just got narrower!

I wonder if my fellow Kiwis are wondering if the 'Ditch' just got a bit narrower, re the events unfolding in Sydney. As I prepare to take Perdy for a walk, I am pondering how close the ISIS threat has just become and how it is a bit more real. I also wonder why we are possibly going to enmesh ourselves more deeply in the sad happenings in the ME. I say---stay out and concentrate on helping people in our neck of the woods. NZ is a tiny nation at the bottom of the South Pacific, not some wannabe 'big player' trying to bat outside our capabilities. Yes, we support Aussie as we always have, but---please Government---do not put us in a position that brings the big nasty eye of these criminals to NZ! Stay safe Aussie cousins.

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