Tuesday, December 16, 2014

'Death in Pakistan.' History is full of cruel senseless acts!

I awoke this morning to the news that the Taliban have murdered more than 140 people, mostly children at a military school in Pakistan. No doubt their justification will be that the schools are the source of future recruits for the Pakistani army. That the army was involved in action against the Taliban will be used as the pretext to cause the maximum hurt to the army and the families it employs. Any country has the right to defend itself and in the case of Pakistan, it is a nation under attack from within and from external sources. Of course the army will resist attempts from rebel groups to de-stable and destroy the nation that is Pakistan. Would we not do the same if such a threat existed? Sure there is much that is 'rotten' about Pakistani politics; the corruption, the violence and the ongoing battles re gaining control. All nations have aspects of such battles, but the Talban and other groups who resort to violence, represent another level; one that is foreign to any civilized group. That the Taliban claim legitimacy, from their 'book,' does not make their battle righteous one! Killing children, be they the offspring of the military or any other group, is not a justification to take such murderous action. Their attempts to dispirit the military will not work. It will merely give strength to the resolve of most Pakistanis to rid themselves of these groups on the borders and in the midst of their cities. I opened this post with the header---'that history is full of such examples, as those we have just witnessed in Pakistan. One only needs to look at the Spanish Civil War and many other historical conflagrations to see how cruel man is to others in the battle to win power. Both sides in the Civil War in Spain committed atrocities; other countries too have a history that they would rather forget than acknowledge. Perhaps the history books written by those 'outside' the country, would in many cases provide a more honest view of history! Pakistan---you are in our thoughts! www.authorneilcoleman.com

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