Saturday, March 15, 2014

Australia's double standards re the rainforests.'Don't do it in Sumatra,' they say, 'but its OK in Tasmania!'

In typical Aussie double standards on a range of issues; including the treatment of tax-paying Kiwis, bullying tactics in New Zealand (but Aussie-owned) supermarkets and not the least the double standards re rainforests. Many politicians have made comments about diminishing rainforests in Indonesia; namely Sumatra and Borneo, yet we have the spectre of the Liberal Party coalition making moves to encourage the cutting down of World Heritage forests in Tasmania, all in the name of a few transitory jobs; forests that have taken centuries to grow. Australians s will come to rue their putting into power a Party that cares little for the environment; a party that lines the pockets of its friends, unthinking about the future. The 'marchers' we have seen today on the streets of Australian cities are merely the first signs of an electorate that has realised that they have unleashed a monster, little different to like-minded politicians overseas who only care about power and increasing the gap between the poor and those who wish to destroy what more enlightened political movements have seen as sacrosanct. Australia, at a time when many scientists have warned about the 'drying of Australia,' has taken a terrible lurch forward to a future that will benefit no one. After all, what they cut down in the name of profits will not come back. Shame on the short-sighted voters and greedy politicians who lack a dream that takes into account the 'balance' that once existed. Bushfires will become even more damaging and when the truth is finally realized, it will be too late. New Zealand will look increasingly attractive, if our politicians don't follow blindly their Aussie cousins!