Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paris, Yemen and so many other places where ISIS hits.

It seems that there is about to be an alliance between very uncomfortably matched allies, re the war against ISIS. History has presented such alliances in the past; take the war against the Nazis. Very soon after the 'successful' completion of the demise of the common enemy, things go to custard, indeed sometimes before the culmination of hostilities. Now we are witnessing the coming together of a large number of participants against the 'scourge' that is ISIS. Yes, I have seen all the posts and reports claiming that it us the USA and Israel who have funded or caused the rise of this group. I watch the 'box' where sometimes it seems like it is 24/7 coverage of the latest 'outrage' inflicted upon the 'peaceful' people of Europe and the fleeting coverage that is assigned to other ISIS targets. It feels like one cannot escape the coverage, if you surf the news channels. I cannot help but think that there is a ratings issue going on here! But---lets take a look at the attempts to 'destroy ISIS. If it came down to a 'battle' in the sense that most of us understand, this desperate group wield not stand a chance. Who was it that said that 'you can kill a person, but not an idea?' Now take that idea and link it to the situation that exists in many Middle Eastern countries, brought about by a complex mix of historical events and economics. OMG---One sentence to explain the rise of ISIS?! Add in the fact that ISIS is able to communicate with a group of individuals, using extremist religious dogma and the unrealized aspirations of this group, then you have the makings of a group who can be recruited via the web. It is not possible to bomb the hell out of this complex web of 'anger.' You cut off the head of one (excuse the terrible pun!) and it is replaced by many others. The events we are seeing in Paris and other cities is the result of past failed 'interventions' by Western and other powers and it is doomed to failure unless the underlying causes are first acknowledged and then addressed. Sadly, any real attempts to do this are blocked by those who benefit most---yes---the 'good old' 1% who have and always have gained from war! They control the media, political structures and the agenda that sucks us in. THEY have options--they always have! We have the capacity to believe them, or to question them, but it is an uphill battle. Watch now as the political 'RIGHT' rises and attempts to change the face of Europe. They will not learn from history; they will merely redefine it!