Sunday, October 14, 2012

40,000---I want a million!

 am very happy with the number if hits on my blogs, but that one million is way into the future. The number of countries is incrfeasing too. How about South Africa joins eh. Now i just wish it would translate into book sales.  

Are secondary students going back to school with a feeling of hope?

Some may be, but I question that hope by saying that all the move to youth wages will do is shift those looking for work back onto the older workers as they lose their jobs to cheaper workers. The latest move by the Government is a cynical ploy to remove young people from the dole figures. Where are the jobs going to be coming from?

There is nothing new about this new policy. I see people quoting figures from before 2008, but they neglect to tell us about the consequent figures for those older than 50 who were unemployed. Playing with the 'deck chairs' is nothing more than 'Titanic politics.'