Friday, September 7, 2012

Yes. have taken down many of the chapters for 'Roskill'

Roskill and 'Talk To Me' are on sale (Talk To Me , next week) form my website or direct. I have had it free for ages so now's the time to buy them. Sorry,---- am guys gotta pay the bills eh.    or for those in NZ do it direct and get a discount .

Get the damned ball,Perdy, not the bloody ducks

I know you can't really see, but that's Perdy chasing ducks instead of the ball. She eventually retrieved the ball and the ducks survived. Just enlarge the picture and you will almost see the action

Shaky Isles Cafe----it hits the spot

I am always looking for great places to eat on those weekend mornings when one is not in a hurry and that can accommodate Perdy if we wish to take her. Today was one of those days, but we didn’t take Perdy because I had plans to shop after breakfast/brunch.
St Lukes was our destination; however Kingsland suited us for breakfast. Driving down New North Road we noticed Shaky Isles, a café that also has one in the city, I think. The outside looked rustic and I spied the all-telling doggie watering bowl. Great; next time, if the food was good, I could bring Perdy.
On entering we were immediately made welcome to have coffee while we perused the menu. There was a good range, but not too many choices that take ages to decide. I didn’t feel like an ‘all Day Breakfast Special that usually looks like every other café catering for quick typical breakfasts. I wanted something just a little bit special.
We both (which is unusual for us) settled pretty quickly on the ‘Rocky Isles Mash,’ which consisted of sautéed young potatoes, chorizo sausage, wilted spinach, streaky bacon (always the best because it goes so crispy and most of the fat has drained off--- well that is what I think and I am sticking to it) with a delightfully poached egg that oozes all over the mixture. To top it off there is a Hollandaise sauce to bring it all together.
For about $18 it is well worth the price. I didn’t feel that I had eaten too much and a good walk with Perdy to regain her love after leaving her at home and the world would be sparklingly wonderful.
Yes, a really good place for decent, wholesome and not the run of the mill fair.
 Well done. I’ll be back with Perdy and yes, the coffees very good.
Excuse my Finger!

Finland, wonderful to see you.

It's always great to see yet another country reading my blogs. I hope you check out my website and books. Glad to have you aboard.