Friday, March 18, 2016

Great to see you---UK!

I am happy to see the UK coming back and reading my blogs, All I need now is for you to download or buy my books. Hey---I do speak the language of my forefathers, albeit using an Antipodean accent. I do write it in a quaint sort of post-colonial fashion, with that sometimes brash New Zealand twist on events. I do take the piss out of 'institutions' that need a bit of a 'sort-out,' but don't let that bother you. SO---bring it on and share my posts so that I can come and see you. I need to hand deliver a copy of Roskill to Her Highness! I think she may find "Talk TO ME' a bit of a giggle too. She can pretend that Perdy, my Jack Russell, is one of her dear doggies!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

There are 'seasons and I am entering a new one in my life.

You probably know that famous song about there being seasons in our lives, a song based on scriptures. Not that I am religious in the traditional sense, but I can relate to the word as expressed, either in song format or from a 'good book.' For quite a while (indeed, even in the introduction in some of my books!) I have been saying that I am preparing for retirement. So what I am about to say, is hardly a secret. I am entering a phase of my life whereby I 'tone it down a bit,' take more time for myself, leave behind the stress of full-time work and indeed, the craziness of a big city. I will not be doing this immediately; I shall take my time and gradually enter a more peaceful time of my life, yet still be involved in working with people. I have let my employer (for my full-time job) know that I intend to leave. It is time for someone else to take over that role, one with more energy. I will miss the students and my special friends, but hey---they are hardly going to be rid of me. They will know where I live and get to know the sound of the campervan (yet to be purchased) as it trundles up their drives or glides into the school car park----oops no---I will get CLAMPED!) . My presence on FB of course, will keep me in touch too. When will this all happen? Well---there is the issue of finding a home in my target area---Thames/Paeroa. Once that aim has been achieved (I am working on that from this weekend on) I shall give my notice. For my new clients (they know who they are) and 'supervisees', nothing will change, other than where I come from geographically. My aim is to travel to Auckland on Thursday and Fridays, stay in my campervan and see my supervision clients on those days and evenings. Of course Perdy will accompany me, but she will be sent to doggie care most of the time. So---my friends---watch out for how things proceed. I do not want to hurry this phase in my life. I want to achieve a balance that supports my health and allows me to keep on working in a job I love. Nothing has changed in that respect, just the manner in which I achieve my aims. OH---one last thing---will I still be 'writing? That all depends on how the books sales go for Roskill and the downloads for Talk To Me, the latter is now on Kindle, via Amazon. Much love, Neil

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

ISRAEL:---WTF are you doing with my blog!

About once a year I get a huge number of hits on my blog from Israel. THIS IS NOT genuine and I do not understand what whoever is doing it is trying to achieve. I am VERY suspicious as to the intent behind these hits. WHY would I get 1800 hits in one day from one country on what is essentially a very low-key blog. The hits NEVER translate into downloads for ,y books or ANY form of communication with me. Can anyone throw some light on this? I try to contact Google but so far they have not responded. I have a very uncomfortable feeling about this and it distorts the figures for genuine hots on my blog. HELP! Does anyone know the hell to contact Google re this other than through the 'feedback' section. THEY DON'T RESPOND!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Madonna---yes, I have a date with her tonight!

I once made a promise to my partner. Thirteen years ago, I discovered my then to be partner's love---no---obsession with Madonna. I promised that if Madonna ever came to Australia (remember I live in NZ!) that I would find a way for us to go to the concert. Promises are easily made and quickly forgotten. Now, many years later, not only is the 'Queen of Pop,' coming to Australia, she is HERE in NZ! Way back then, I thought that Madonna was on her last legs and couldn't possibly be still around in years to come. Once again this 'reinventing survivor,' is not only still around, she is going strong and her detractors will be flinging mud, casting slurs, but it is all water off a diva's back! TONIGHT WE ARE GOING TO Vector Arena and the promise will be fulfilled. The price of the tickets is horrendous for a Kiwi, but given that I paid for them last year,online from a parking lot in Turangi, on a road trip to Wellington, it sort of feels unreal. Somehow , paying by credit card, didn't feel so bad. TONIGHT, we have been told to arrive many hours before the concert kicks off. Our tickets are not the cheap ones, so hopefully we are going to get an eyeful of the raunchy show that the 'Papa Don't Preach,' girl delvers, in the way that she is so famous for. I am not sure if we can use phones, but rest assured that if we can I shall be in boots and all, with my clumsy, excited fingers,' doing their best to bring you the latest on FB. I think that my wish to do that, may be limited, but I shall certainly get some pics of the crowd and the goings on around us. I have heard many people 'cutting Madonna down, for a variety of reasons. For those who do it from an artistic point of view, I say---'cool---don't go, don't buy her music and STFU! If you have political reasons for your stance, that's OK too. I am not entirely happy re some of her positioning and the situation re her 'boy.' BUT----I am there tonight to celebrate an icon of the last 40 years. I can't wait to be with her tonight. I very much doubt that I will be in the position to ever afford such a luxury again. Lets just say---I saved up all the money for the 'shows' I did NOT go to, put it all in one place and then---splurged the lot on the 'Kissed For The very First Time,' Girl! Welcome to New Zealand, Madonna. #Madonna #Rebelhearttour

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gangs sell 'P' (Methamphetamine) to middle-calss and rich kids, but Judith has the answers!

Judith Collins has come out and set the scene to attack the gangs, that she accuses of selling 'P' to our vulnerable middle class and richer kids. That is hardly news. The biggest market for any 'substance' is always going to be those who can afford it! Then there is the market where those that can't will find ways to pay for their 'hits,' usually by being involved in the selling or manufacturing processes. The families of those involved get drawn in, suffering either through the 'neglect' that results or by being damaged by the violence and other aspects of the 'business.' The gangs have always been labelled as the 'marketeers' and the hit men of the underworld that is 'P.' It is the gangs that Judith Collins is now targeting, some say for political gain and other as part of a process to lift her ratings from any upcoming leadership struggle, because it must be obvious now, that at some stage in the next few years, Mr Key is going to be heading for ;'warmer climes!' The is also the question of the ;faceless people,' who hardly ever hit the headlines; those nameless so-called. 'white collar criminals,' the rich who are allegedly being the financing of much of the drug trade. I am sure many in 'authority, know just who those people are. The links to the gangs have been alluded to for many years. I am suggesting that Judith Collins is making a play for headlines, to enhance her status re future political gains---for herself! She may have bitten off a chunk of life that will prove to be way too much, but why should she care? She has times this to work in perfectly for 'developments' over the next 18 months. Watch this space, byut don't expect any real moves that could change what is an intolerable burden on society. It will tale a great deal more than political shenanigans to solve that!