Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gangs sell 'P' (Methamphetamine) to middle-calss and rich kids, but Judith has the answers!

Judith Collins has come out and set the scene to attack the gangs, that she accuses of selling 'P' to our vulnerable middle class and richer kids. That is hardly news. The biggest market for any 'substance' is always going to be those who can afford it! Then there is the market where those that can't will find ways to pay for their 'hits,' usually by being involved in the selling or manufacturing processes. The families of those involved get drawn in, suffering either through the 'neglect' that results or by being damaged by the violence and other aspects of the 'business.' The gangs have always been labelled as the 'marketeers' and the hit men of the underworld that is 'P.' It is the gangs that Judith Collins is now targeting, some say for political gain and other as part of a process to lift her ratings from any upcoming leadership struggle, because it must be obvious now, that at some stage in the next few years, Mr Key is going to be heading for ;'warmer climes!' The is also the question of the ;faceless people,' who hardly ever hit the headlines; those nameless so-called. 'white collar criminals,' the rich who are allegedly being the financing of much of the drug trade. I am sure many in 'authority, know just who those people are. The links to the gangs have been alluded to for many years. I am suggesting that Judith Collins is making a play for headlines, to enhance her status re future political gains---for herself! She may have bitten off a chunk of life that will prove to be way too much, but why should she care? She has times this to work in perfectly for 'developments' over the next 18 months. Watch this space, byut don't expect any real moves that could change what is an intolerable burden on society. It will tale a great deal more than political shenanigans to solve that!

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