Friday, March 4, 2016

Madonna---yes, I have a date with her tonight!

I once made a promise to my partner. Thirteen years ago, I discovered my then to be partner's love---no---obsession with Madonna. I promised that if Madonna ever came to Australia (remember I live in NZ!) that I would find a way for us to go to the concert. Promises are easily made and quickly forgotten. Now, many years later, not only is the 'Queen of Pop,' coming to Australia, she is HERE in NZ! Way back then, I thought that Madonna was on her last legs and couldn't possibly be still around in years to come. Once again this 'reinventing survivor,' is not only still around, she is going strong and her detractors will be flinging mud, casting slurs, but it is all water off a diva's back! TONIGHT WE ARE GOING TO Vector Arena and the promise will be fulfilled. The price of the tickets is horrendous for a Kiwi, but given that I paid for them last year,online from a parking lot in Turangi, on a road trip to Wellington, it sort of feels unreal. Somehow , paying by credit card, didn't feel so bad. TONIGHT, we have been told to arrive many hours before the concert kicks off. Our tickets are not the cheap ones, so hopefully we are going to get an eyeful of the raunchy show that the 'Papa Don't Preach,' girl delvers, in the way that she is so famous for. I am not sure if we can use phones, but rest assured that if we can I shall be in boots and all, with my clumsy, excited fingers,' doing their best to bring you the latest on FB. I think that my wish to do that, may be limited, but I shall certainly get some pics of the crowd and the goings on around us. I have heard many people 'cutting Madonna down, for a variety of reasons. For those who do it from an artistic point of view, I say---'cool---don't go, don't buy her music and STFU! If you have political reasons for your stance, that's OK too. I am not entirely happy re some of her positioning and the situation re her 'boy.' BUT----I am there tonight to celebrate an icon of the last 40 years. I can't wait to be with her tonight. I very much doubt that I will be in the position to ever afford such a luxury again. Lets just say---I saved up all the money for the 'shows' I did NOT go to, put it all in one place and then---splurged the lot on the 'Kissed For The very First Time,' Girl! Welcome to New Zealand, Madonna. #Madonna #Rebelhearttour

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