Saturday, July 22, 2017

'Multi-tasking is the domain of----oops, but 'RETRO-tasking' is way better! Having a Jack Russell helps though!

I have no doubt that some of my readers will have somewhat strident opinions about my 'header,' but that concerns me not. They can waste their words and emotions, arguing how superior such a stance is when faced with the following scenario. I care not.
Having failed miserably, yesterday afternoon, upon my arival back home; the result being the cost of the loss of my car key---you know the type---the extremely expensive electronic ones that cause anxiety when lost! I suspect I was in for a very high bill, maybe between $400 and $600 dollars.
It all came about during the unloading of my car, when in my impatience to get everything inside, including Perdy (my very tried Jack Russell) plus trying to avoid getting even more soaked by an unrelenting downpour, I somehow dropped the key. Well, that is what I thought when I espied just one key sitting in the place where my two keys normally reside!
Sure I could have planned the exercise far more efficiently and even taken the time to bring things to their 'proper' places and not faced the stress of searching high and low, inside and out,' for my escapee key. I could have multitasked---but I DID NOT!
I tried to put the future cost out of my thinking, but it lurked like a bad smell, sort of like Perdy leaving a 'secret deposit,' as she did in her younger days, for me to discover 'later!' Bringing Perdy in as an excuse suits my purposes and shifts the blame.
I slept well and made plans to inquire about having a spare key cut, that could operate the car---manually. I do not know if that is possible.
Today, I searched the house and the ground outside. I fingered through the pockets of any clothing that I may have left my key in and I looked in every nook and cranny that I may have visited. Yes, I even looked in the toilet bowl, Hell---I flushed that almost immediately when I came home, so that was a silly idea!
I escorted Perdy for two walks and during that time, my mind travelled to many places, touching on a myriad of explanations, retro-thinking the events of the previous day. I KNEW the key had to be somewhere between the car and the lounge because that is the pathway I took! I even asked Perdy to help jog my memory. I asked her to 'retro-think! She tilted her little head and cast her gaze in the direction of the rubbish bin.
'What,' I uttered incredulously. 'You are  not going to eat that rubbish.'
I had cast some stuff in that receptacle that I would not feed the chooks, never lone Perdy. It was then that I decided to search the bin. My hands explored forgotten residue from four days ago, prior to leaving for Wellington. Do not tell 'you know who, that I had not emptied the bin before leaving!
My hands came upon something solid,  not squishy and stinky like the other contents of the bin.
RELIEF muchly!!!!!
I rest my case and my anxiety. Retro-tasking really does work and is a far superior quality than the much vaunted 'multitasking.' Well---it was THIS time! BUT---try not to take my words too seriously. I don't!