Thursday, October 17, 2013

100,000 hits but not that many sales!

100,000 hiys on my blog sounds like alot but it does not represent many sales. That's OK becuase I love writint my blogs. There are now over 14,000 of them! What surprises me is the number of countries who read them; the USA by far the largest representation, followed by NZ, then Russia and Australia. Then there are countries that really surpize me like the Ukraine or Jersey. Now even China is getting inoon the act of actively reading my blogs. For me it is all about reaching out and inviting commnets re  my blogs and of course, about pushing my books. Now that one book is on Kindle and another to follow in the nextfew weeks, it is much easier and simpler for people to access my books. All you need is a Kindle or a reading Ap on your tablet. So----go to my website and download ROSKILL and please write a review. Talk To Me will be out very soon.

'Don't lose any more weight,' they said.

Today is about 6 months and 2 weeks since my bariatric surgery. In that time I have gone from 120kilos to about 78 kilos. So, I have lost over 40 kilos in weight. I feel great. I do not have sleep apnoea, high cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes. I sleep better, have more energy and enjoy a new zest for life. My food bill is way down and my clothing bill is high. I can actually chose things to wear that I like rather than go into a shop and buy whatever fits; not then having to throw away a t-shirt because I didn’t see what was printed on it. I mean, how could I have missed words like, ‘I’m not your bitch.’ So untrue! I used to buy first then look later. It’s not 4XL anymore; it’s more like Medium.
Now, I can make plans for the future; a real one, involving the things I thought I would never do, like buying (finance permitting) a campervan in a few years time.  Maybe I will be able to travel and not worry about squashing out the person sitting next to me in then plane and not having to drag around a CPAC machine because of the sleep apnoea.  Now, I have energy to keep writing and extend the number of books I am working on. Above all, I will be able to collect and use my Gold Card; giving me free travel around Auckland.
Would I recommend my journey to other people out there struggling with weight issues? No—it’s not that simple. My solution is not for everyone. I can say that it worked for me but that is as far as I would go. You have that conversation with your doctor and do what’s right for you. Take a look at the before and after pictures I have put up. Yes, I really have lost enough weight. Any more and I will look haggard, so it’s now going to be a few more snacks so I can stop the loss in its tracks. Now, it’s keeping up with my new life style. Do I miss the old days when I ate, and then some? NO----not one bit!
Finally, I am very happy for people to contact me if they wish to talk about things in more depth. No, I don’t think I will write a book about it---there are enough out there now and my blogs will be enough for now.

That walk was dmaned tiring with all that weight!

My picture for my first book launch!

And now, 41 kilos lighter. That's enough now!

Lets leave the sleeze behind for a while and talk about something wonderful!

We all know that the Kiwi is an endangered species, not the people or the fruit, but the bird. There are relatively few left on the mainland of New Zealand and in some cases with a few sub-species, almost none. There have been various attempts, many of them successful to establish this iconic bird on some offshore islands in rat-free and other pest-free environments. I very much doubt that most Kiwis (the people) would object to the high costs of these initiatives.
After all the sleaze behind the on-going Len Brown ‘affair’ and the muckraking by his political opposition, I was very happy indeed to read  about a ‘sign of hope’ for our national bird today in the New Zealand Herald. My eyes were immediately drawn to the picture of a park ranger holding a kiwi in her arms like a baby and the accompanying report that for the first time in many years some Kiwi eggs have been found in a reserve north of Auckland.
I hope we read more of these hopeful events and that the Kiwi comes back from the verge of extinction. Does this story not warm up the cockles of your hearts and bring about a repositioning in your attention, away from the seedy, nasty reports of the ‘games people play.’ It most certainly does for me. Go Kiwis!

I'm just the 'gal' in the middle!

Call me names why don't you. All I did was to look for love. Isn't that what everyone is looking for. OK, I thought I would be the 'Mayoress.' Mmm---that sounds so nice. Yeah, I know, I also tried it on with his  'opposition.' I was only looking after both possibilities. You can't blame a gal for wanting it both ways. It's not my fault it all went to custard. How was I to know that I would end up being a 'porn' in the middle of two very clever men. Maybe I would have been better off going for one of their wives. That would have got the media going to say the least!
Now, I am being chased by those same 'players,' all trying to get me to 'tell all.' Are not my text 'releases enough? It's not like I am getting paid for this! It's all gone so horribly wrong and now I am being cast as the villain. I think I will move to Wellington. Now that I'm famous, surly one of the big wigs down there will 'want me, need me.' Yeah, that sounds good. This time, media---leave BRITNEY ALONE!
This little blog was sponsored by all the little people who are the real victims in the games men play!