Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm just the 'gal' in the middle!

Call me names why don't you. All I did was to look for love. Isn't that what everyone is looking for. OK, I thought I would be the 'Mayoress.' Mmm---that sounds so nice. Yeah, I know, I also tried it on with his  'opposition.' I was only looking after both possibilities. You can't blame a gal for wanting it both ways. It's not my fault it all went to custard. How was I to know that I would end up being a 'porn' in the middle of two very clever men. Maybe I would have been better off going for one of their wives. That would have got the media going to say the least!
Now, I am being chased by those same 'players,' all trying to get me to 'tell all.' Are not my text 'releases enough? It's not like I am getting paid for this! It's all gone so horribly wrong and now I am being cast as the villain. I think I will move to Wellington. Now that I'm famous, surly one of the big wigs down there will 'want me, need me.' Yeah, that sounds good. This time, media---leave BRITNEY ALONE!
This little blog was sponsored by all the little people who are the real victims in the games men play!

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