Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lets leave the sleeze behind for a while and talk about something wonderful!

We all know that the Kiwi is an endangered species, not the people or the fruit, but the bird. There are relatively few left on the mainland of New Zealand and in some cases with a few sub-species, almost none. There have been various attempts, many of them successful to establish this iconic bird on some offshore islands in rat-free and other pest-free environments. I very much doubt that most Kiwis (the people) would object to the high costs of these initiatives.
After all the sleaze behind the on-going Len Brown ‘affair’ and the muckraking by his political opposition, I was very happy indeed to read  about a ‘sign of hope’ for our national bird today in the New Zealand Herald. My eyes were immediately drawn to the picture of a park ranger holding a kiwi in her arms like a baby and the accompanying report that for the first time in many years some Kiwi eggs have been found in a reserve north of Auckland.
I hope we read more of these hopeful events and that the Kiwi comes back from the verge of extinction. Does this story not warm up the cockles of your hearts and bring about a repositioning in your attention, away from the seedy, nasty reports of the ‘games people play.’ It most certainly does for me. Go Kiwis!

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